HI Everyone

Hi Suzie
Welcome to pp
My name is Simone and i am mum to Jessica.

This is a great site and everyone is really friendly, but be warned it is very addictive.

Hope to chat soon xx


  • Hi Suzie, I'm Emma, Mum to Sophie 5 and William who's just turned 3.
    Welcome to PP,

    Chat soon

  • Hiya Suzie and welcome to PP, this is a great site with lots of friendly girls!!
    Hope to chat more soon, Tasha xx
  • Hi Ya Suzie,

    I'm Sarah and we're currently ttc - this site is fab for a chat or asking advice.

    Look forward to chatting to you soon.

  • Hi Suzi

    I'm Marie and mum to Jake, also ttc # 2. Welcome to pp. Once you get started on here it's difficult to log off!

    The girls are very friendly and offer great advice.

    lol. xx
  • Hi Suzie, I'm Karen and mami to Hollie who is nearly 5 months. Hope to speak to u soon.

  • Welcome Suzi,

    I just joined pp myself and as the girls have been telling you it's addictive. Everytime, Seif naps, I run to log on pp but it's not until he's asleep at night that I have the chance to stay tuned for a good while.

  • Hi Suzie, welcome to pp, i hope you enjoy it on here as much as we all do.
    im kas and mummy to Niamh and Tara.

    uh oh Samiha, thats the first sign of addiction on this site, dont know about the others, but i was exactly the same, running on when i had a spare second to check. Watch out, you will be up to 1000 posts before you know it lol hehehe.

    Take care all
    kas xx
  • Hi Suzie,

    Welcome to PP. I'm Zoe mum to Jack and Charlotte.

    Take care, xx
  • You're right Kas, I've been caught out by my hubby who keeps calling it the Practically ignoring my kids site!!! I just keep it on all the time now then minimise the screen when he comes in, with all my work ready underneath!!! Is that really sad? lol

  • ha,ha,ha...im glad im not the only one!! I am sooo addicted already!
  • Hiya Suzie

    Welcome to PP!!!!
    Hope to chat to you soon xx
  • Hi

    Im Emma mum to riley.
    Hope to chat soon.
  • Hi Suzie

    Welcome to PP! As everyone else has already said this is a great place to meet people. Look forward to chatting soon.

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