When should we

have our next cyber party?

The last one was great, loads of fun?

What do you think girls?

lol. x


  • whats that then?? Sorry to sound so dumb, but I am all new to this!
  • A few months ago, a date and time was set aside for us all to be on here in the lounge. We all had our pj's on and chocolate at the ready, some had wine too! We chatted on here for hours. Think I logged off around 10ish. It was funny. My sister and MIL thought i was nuts.

    lol. xx
  • Sounds great!!!!
  • Ahhh I think that was the one Zoe arranged when my hubby was in China and yes it was lovely!! Lucy and i moved on to msn once everyone else had logged off and chatted until 1am!!! Maybe next friday or saturday night might be ok for most people?? Would be fab to have a good chat again!!

    In the meantime, how are you all??!!! xxx
  • That sounds good, especially as Hollie sleeps now so i am able to come on here in the evenings.

    How are you tasha? Is Ethan's borthday tomorrow?
  • Hiya, we're good thanks, just got back from my inlaws, they cooked a bigroast dinner so i'm happy!!!
    It's not Ethan birthday for another 3 weeks, 3rd of march but then its ambers 1st birthday 13days later so it'llbe an expensive month!!! can't wait though!!

    how are you, have you had good sunshine by you today??! x x
  • I am so blonde i forgot to add on the 3 weeks on his ticker and thought 6 days meant his birthday was tomorrow. Hollie's birthday is spetember 29th, my brothers is the 26th and its my nephews and dogs on the 13th. We have no family born on october and i was hoping she would stay in until i was going to be induced on the 1st seeing as she was 10 days late. But she decided to be a september baby after all.

    Yes we had a lovely day today, Hollie and i sat outside with Ian in the morning. He was working on the cars and then we went for a walk in the afternoon. So we were out all day and she is shattered.

    Glad you had a good day woth ur inlaws.

  • well marie,

    this sounds like a great idea. I'd be glad to join and chat with all you ladies - I just have to get the timing right though as Egypt is 2 hours ahead of the UK.

  • Oooooh, another cyber party!!! Cool!!! Can we have it before the 22nd as that is when Gareth comes home and whilst he is home I want to spend as much time as possible with him!!!! If not, not to worry!!!!
  • Yes Please!!!

    I had only just started coming on and had to borrow friends computer for 10 mins so missed most of that evening!!

    Can do Friday or Saturday!!

    Samiha, it would be great if you could join us and tell us what's going on in Cairo!! Are you from there originally?

  • My father is Egyptian and my mother is Palestinian, but I've lived in Cairo all my life. My father grew up in Norway, so I have the Norwegian nationality, speak the language and go there every summer.... a great escape from the blurring heat of summer in Cairo.

    But of course I didn't get the blonde, blue eye gene ;-)

  • OHHHHHHHH Another party fab - I'm out at the theatre on Friday night (not as posh as its sounds) but Saturday evening i should be around!!

    So whats the attire - chocolate - PJ's and wine again? Oh wait I can't eat chocolate as I've given it up for lent - so can I have Stanley snails and fizzy wands?? x
  • I'm guessing that they are sweets, Sarah?!! Either that or you have a strange diet!!

    I can do Saturday, but won't be able to stay on late as I am WORKING at the NEC on the Sunday and need to leave about 6am! Getting nervous already so a PP Party will do me good!

  • Count me in, i haven't been on for a proper chat in ages!!!!!!

    My mission is to reach 1000 posts before the end of next weekend, although i think Tasha will be over 2000 by then !!!!
  • Count me in just let me no when,ive still a way to go but would like to be in the 1000 group!
  • Yeah, another cyber party, just say when and i'll do my best to be there!!
  • Emma - Stanley Snail is from my garden - LOL nah they are strawberry sweets!! I'm slightly addicted to them so now have to avoid the sweet isle when shopping at ala asda!

    What are you doing at the NEC?
  • ooohh, yea, im up for another party!! last one was great!!

    let me know when and ill try and be there
    kas xx
  • Sarah, I really thought that you had a pet snail then!! HeHe!

    You probably know that I own 3 craft shops? Well, it is the anual trade show Sun - Tues, I normally go for all 3 days as there is so much new stuff to see and buy!!
    Well.....this year I have been asked to work one of the stands on the Sunday and Tuesday for a company that I buy from!! I will mostly be on the selling side but they have also asked me to do a couple of hours demonstrating too!! It's exciting and a real honor but means that I am left with just the Monday to do my buying!

    Will let you know how it goes and if I make a fool of myself!!

  • Ah no, I'm gonna be on hols. Hope to join the next one.
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