Bronwyn sat up

I was messing around with the seat unit for Bronwyn's pram and was looking at the instruction book, I turned round to find Bronwyn sitting up!!



  • aaaawwww, bless, really cute piccie, she's really going great guns this week isnt she?!!

    why do i get the feeling when gareth comes home, you may be asking for another baby??!! hehe
    glad you are both well
    kas xx
  • oh wow - how grown up does she look!!!
  • Wow! What a gorgeous piccie!

    Bronwyn is adorable!!

  • Thanks Girls!!

    Did the swimming party go well Emma?
  • She's lovely caroline. Do you think another baby is on the cards? Not long now till your hubby is home!
  • Well done Bronwyn, love the picture she looks sooooooo cute xx
  • Another baby will happen but not until bronwyn is into her free nursery education as I can't afford 2 nursery fees! I have about 2 years to wait until we can start trying, unless a miracle happens in the mean time. However, having spent a small fortune on the pram you can see I don't want to have to ditch it in favour of a double!!
  • oh she's a little doll!! such a cutie and well done Bronwyn you are such a clever girl
  • Thanks Sarah! She has had a busy week, getting her first tooth, sitting up on her own and a day at big school! No wonder she's tired!!! Poor baby!!!
  • Congratulations Caroline,

    I bet ur really excited as I was too when Seif propped himself up. He still didn't get any teeth though!

  • Thanks Samiha!
    Just sent you a PM about the aquarium!!

    I can't believe that she sat up in her pram seat yet won't sit up on the floor. But she likes standing, only needs supporting so that she doesn't fall over!

    I am still waiting for her to roll over! Hopefully she'll wait a few weeks and do it whilst daddy is home!!

    Seif is a real cutie! Love the tongue out pose!!
  • Hi caroline

    Chan was the same,not that early age,but sat up in a high chair and buggy but not on the floor till she was about 7mths.

    We got the same T.V. table as you and had to take the handles off as riley would yank the draws open and pull them out.
  • Well done Bronwyn!

    She is gourgeous and really does look grown up sitting there!

  • Crikey Bronwyn, you're mummy is just getting used to one thing when you are starting to do something else....slow down a bit!!

    Well done as well!!
  • Wow, well done Bronwyn!!!!

    Caroline - we've got the same pram!!!!
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