Baby with 2 heads

Did anyone else see this?

I was flicking through the channels and came across it! The programme is freaking me out slightly but i complusive viewing!

This baby has a head attached to her own head like siamese twins but the 2nd head has no body!!!! Very strange!!!


  • Its an unbeleivable story, absolutely amazing!
  • I have seen it Caroline and it was horrible, i think i was pregnant at the time!
  • Didnt see it myself.Bless the poor thing,have they tryed to remove it do you no.
  • If its the one i saw they did remove it, but it was horrible as the head looked like a baby and did all the face movements of crying, but made no sound!

    I think the baby it was attached to survived, i can't remember!
  • Just googled it and the poor little girl did not survive.

    It makes you realise how lucky you are!
  • Thats so sad,i once watched a program while preggers(adi hated me doing that)it was about a woman in a 3rd world country,was pregnant and when she went into labour went to the local hospital for women and saw many other in labour crying out in pain.She was so scares that she ran out and went home, her labour pains faided and stopped.She never gave birth to that baby and had it surgicaly removed 30years lated.Her body had accepted it as a non working organ hence it didnt reject it or start labour again.
  • Yes, it was on the programme last night!! I think she survived, Gillan distracted me!!
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