What do you think?

I thought about getting Cameron a little hoover for his birthday, i spotted this one in Argos which i thought would be perfect for him

John doesn't think it's a good idea though because he's a boy and apparently boys shouldn't play with hoovers!!!
I think it's a load of rubbish, Cameron loves it when i hoover and chases me round the room in his walker. I really don't want him to be brought up playing with only cars and trucks,etc just because he's a boy.

What do you all think?


  • I think it is a lovely idea, he should be allowed to play with what ever makes him happy. If he prefers playing with a hoover then get it for him and by the sounds of it he would love it.
  • I think thats totally ok,riley loves to play with doll buggys,adis the same doesnt think he should but like i said it teaches them to care.

    A hoover would get him used to doing the housework so you could have a break.lol

    If dads still gonna be funny what about a lawnmower,the bits inside fly around and make for good fun.
  • Don't get me started Dawn!! My 8yr old used to love Barbie and his favourite colour was pink! He now loves Arsenal, computer games, and slobbing in front of tv. So he's turned out normal...ha,ha,ha!! Get the hoover he will love it. Tom also had a little dolls buggy I got at a car boot, he loved that with his teddy in. I was going to buy one for Tate too as he loves pushing stuff round. They should and will (ie. at Nursery) play with all kinds of toys. Girls love trucks and trains as well! Anyway, my hubby is great at doing the hoovering. Housework is for both partners tell him!
  • Nonsense!! Jack had a hoover and he loved it we only got rid of it because it got damaged. Both my two 'help' me with the real one, train them early that's what I say!!
  • Thanks very much girls.
    I was going to get him the hoover anyway, it's not like it's pink with a matching apron !!!! John can like it or lump it, it's not like he knows what a hoover's for anyway!! I'll probably end up getting him something manly like a tractor just to keep the peace!!

    I think it's great he likes hoovers, i've got a little helper in the making. Now i just need to deal with his hairdryer obsession !!!
  • Sorry, dumb question I guess..but is Cameron walking already?? Clever boy. Tate was still crawling at 16months!!
  • Ethan had a hoover and still adores it and Ambers now showing interest in it too. I don't think a hoovers a 'girly' thing at all but even if it was i think boys should still be given the choice of playing with them anyway! x x
  • No he's not walking yet, but i thought it would make sense to get him something that would last for a while. He got so many things for 9-12 months+ at xmas and he hasn't even had a chance to play with half of them yet!!
  • Dawn, go for it, i agree with the others, and dont think it matters if its a "girls toy" or "boys toy". If they like it and enjoy it, then let them play with it. Niamhs always loved the hoover, and i have to take out the extra piece to let her hoover with me.
    also, on niamhs last birthday, she was bought trains and cars, as thats what she was into, but this christmas, it was dressing up clothes and dolls. they change their fav toys a lot.
    take care
    kas xx
  • Dawn, my little boy is 6 and he used to love playing with dolls and buggies etc. He wouldn't play with them now, lol. I don't think there is anything wrong with your little boy playing with a hoover at all.
  • Pauline...its not just my little boy then!! Tom loved all the girly toys! He's nearly 9 now and v.much a boys boy!!
  • You have to get it for him Dawn, it looks really good and not at all girlie looking!
  • My BIL's nephew has one as he used to like playing with his parents dyson.
    He loves it. Its a toy after all.
    If you think Cameron will love it Dawn then you get him one.
  • Sorry Dawn, but Jack likes his hair drying with a hair dryer if i'm doing mine!! Sounds like our boys have similar tastes!
  • Absolutely buy him a toy hoover, why should it be seen as a girl's toy? Has your HO never seen a bloke with a hoover? Builders always bring their own to clear up after themselves. My hubby was not happy about my son having a buggy when he asked for one, but I pointed out that you can't tell him that buggies are for girls and then expect him to sit in his own without a fuss! He has had three so far, pink, blue and khaki and he has loved them all to the point of them falling apart.
  • I'm really thinking about getting this for Ethans birthday

    I think Gillan might say it's a bit girly but i know Ethan will adore playing with it! There's loads of things on the site like a blender and chrome teapot so i may ask others in the family to get bits as well!!

    I have him in training to be a very good hubby in the future!!!! x
  • And getting back to the buggy thing, plenty of men push them around in real life!
  • I want them Tasha! They are great, definitely get them, they are lovely. Are you in their (elc) bday club?
  • Tash, I can just see Ethan and William sitting down to make each other a cuppa!! You must get them, Ethan will love them and they will be a perfect thing to pass on to Amber! It's not like Ethan hasn't got enough trains and cars is it?!!

  • they are really lovely tasha, id like them myself in big size!!

    he will make a lovely husband im sure!! lol

    kas xx
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