Night Light?

Good morning! Im supposed to be moving the boys rooms around today, the room Tate is going into is much darker and to give him some reassurance I was going to get him a little night light or a toy/teddy that lights up. Can any of you recommend anything? Luka has got a couple of light show things on his cot, but I wanted something just for Tate. I looked at those INTG bedside torch/lamp things has anyone used a night light for there little ones?


  • Hi Nicola,

    Both of mine have a night light. Jack started being scared of the dark when he was about 18 months old and Charlotte seems to have developed that recently too. I just use a dusk to dawn night light they both seem happy with it, it's just enough light without being too bright.

    Let us know what you decide on.

    Zoe xx
  • i've seen these too! I might get the light as they can use it as a little torch as well. in case he gets up to go to the loo at night, once he is finally potty trained!
  • Nicola how did the boys sleep last night in together?
  • They didn't!! Before we can swap the rooms around my OH has to put Thomas Cabin Bed up in Tates old room. He was ill in bed all day yesterday so its postponed now until next week!! Hows Hollie?
  • I hope they sleep ok when they go in together. Hope Thomas gets better soon, cant be nice for him to be ill.

    Hollie is fine, teething at the moment i think so her routine is a bit disrupted. We have just got in, we have been out for the day with my parents and sisters. She had a long walk along the promenade so hoping she sleeps well.
  • it was my oh who was ill, forgot to put that in!! I think all the babies are teething at the mo! Luka got two bottom teeth a couple of months or so ago. Started teething again straight away (no respite for him poor little sausage!!) but no teeth up top yet. He's been bad the last few days off his food and everything.
  • sorry thought it was ur oldest son that was ill. Anyway hope your oh gets better soon.

    Poor Luka, i hope he's feeling better soon. Hollie is a little horror when her gums are bad, i can't go out of her eyesight for a second. She gets very clingy when she isn't feeling well. And she has a bit of a cold, stuffy nose, and jabs tues. I'm not looking forward to those, but it's her last lot luckily.

    I went swimming with my dad and sisters today, and Hollie went for a walk with my mother fpr an hour. It was really nice to have the morning away from her, gave me a bit of a break. Although she is shatterd now so a little grumpy.
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