How come............................ regular PP ladies are all experts at creating tickers and I am absolutly terrible?!!!!
All I'm trying to do is update Billy's and I've had no end of private posts from Tasha telling me how to do it and thought that I had got it sussed - but NO!! I GIVE UP!!!


  • right having another go now.........

    <a href=""><img src="" alt="Lilypie 4th Birthday Ticker" border="0" /></a>
  • Well......Close!!!!
  • Yay!!! You got there well done!!

    When i saw that your post had 3 replies i thought there must be lots of girls up early but nope, you've been talking to yourself!! made me giggle!!!!
  • I know, thought I was going mad!! Then thought that it would look so sad if I ended up with about 40 replys all to myself!!!
  • Emma
    Were you a bit lonely this morning??? You've been having a nice chat to yourself!!!
    Thanks for making me laugh, although we can see the finished product on them all. I wish we could see your dodgy attempts too!!!!
  • You are not on your on Em, I can do the glitters and the tickers without a photo, but have to get hubby to add the photo for me.

    Like Caroline says, it's funny to read all the posts to yourself!!
  • Very lonely, nobody loves me......, you know the song Caroline!!!

    Well....Ended up with a load of codes on the arghhhh post then on the 'close' post the two tickers were side by side so made the screen huge!!

    Just you all wait til I attempt photo tickers!! hehehe!!!
  • You have made me laugh this morning Emma!

    Well done for eventually getting your ticker right!
  • Hehehe!!!!!

    Well done!!!!
    Can't wait to see their pics now.
  • well done, it took me ages to do them, then i decided i wanted different ones!!
  • yay, well done emma, was it quiet on here this morn lol.

    they look lovely
    kas xx
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