Billy no mates!!!

Had a horrendous evening trying to get Bronwyn to sleep!!! Was hoping someone would be around or a chat, nevermind!

Bronwyn has refused to go to sleep, screamed, coughed, cried and made a real fuss which is completely unlike her. She spat the calpol (teething at the back of her mouth now) all over me, brought up milk and refused to calm down. I have eventually got calpol down her by mixing it with juice. Then she started choking after she'd had that, my mum had a panicky look on her face.

She has just done to sleep after 2 hours of fighting it, and she only had about 30 mins of naps during the day even though we went swimming!!!!

I am already shattered due to getting up at 5am!!! Bronwyn woke and wouldn't doze off so she came into my bed. I really hope that we manage to get a decent nights sleep.

We have also been swimming today which you would think would knock her out!!! She loved her swimming and we will definitely be going again!!!

Sorry for the essay but i feel like i need a rant!


  • Im here Caroline!
    Maybe she was just overtired? And if her teeth hurt too? Luka's been v.grumpy for days. He wakes at 5am everyday or sometimes we get a lie in til 6am! It is exhausting!! I just tell myself it won't be forever...
  • Hi Caroline, I'm here at last too! Sounds like you've had a tough day! Hope she sleeps better tonight for you! Jake woke at 5am too, he came into bed with me but didn't fall back to sleep! We watched postman pat in bed from 6am, I made a coffe and took it back to bed. We got up at 7am. We got to tesco early today and back by 10.15am, felt like tea time! Not long now till your hubs home. I've got 60 days to go!

  • aahh, sorry i wasnt here caroline, im really glad your swimming went well!!
    hope you have a good nite tonight with bronwyn!!
    take care and hopefully chat tomorrow.
    kas xx
  • caroline....

    i was just thinking that maybe bronwyn didn't have a good night's sleep because you were at your parents house and she's not used to the house, the smells, the surroundings etc.. She might have felt insecure... it's just a thought, because Seif sometimes gets really fussy for no reason when we're out of the house, regardless if it's in the car, shops, or another home and only settles when we're back home.

  • Hi Caroline

    Hop you've had a good nights sleep? How's Bronwyn doing today?
    Sorry i wasn't about last night, i deliberately stayed away from the computer and let Gillan have it so that he can't complain when i'm on here tonight for the big chat!!!!
    Hope to catch up with you later x x x
  • aah good thinking Tasha!! I didn't think of that!
  • Sorry i was not here last night Caroline. i was the same as Tasha!
    I hope Bronwyn is ok, did you stay at your mums, Jessica won't sleep any where apart from her own bed!
  • Hope you are ok Caroline. When I came on last night I was the only one so I logged off.

    Hope Bronwyn is ok this morning too.
  • hi ladies,
    caroline, hope you had a good nite with bronwyn

    Zoe, i was the same, came on, was the only one, so left a couple of posts and logged off.

    hope to get on for the big chat later but may have to give ant a go before i come on.
    chat soon
    kas xx
  • Judging by all of your comments I think that I should count myself lucky that Adam doesn't even know how to turn the computer on!! This is all mine!!

    Caroline, I hope that Bronwyn has been better today, Take care

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