My 5 questions for this week.

I thought I would do the questions today to give you girls something to reply to.

Here we go.....

1) Which is your favourite season and why?

2) If you were granted one wish what would it be?

3) Posh nosh or comfort food?

4) If you had the chance of a round the world trip, where would you like to visit?

5) What is your ideal way of spending a Saturday night?

Hope you enjoy answering them, here are my responses;

1) Spring...the weather picking up, the nights getting lighter, plants starting to turn green again and flowers appearing.

2) I would ask that more people understood the meaning of respect and act upon it. (sorry!)

3) comfort food.

4) New Zealand, Japan, Italy, South Africa and Mexico

5) The kids in bed, watching a dvd with James, takeaway and a bottle of wine. Nice and relaxing.


  • Great questions Zoe and as you say lovely to have somthing to reply to as it's been fairly quiet on here for a couple days!!!

    Spring, especially March it's when we got married and both Ethan and amber are spring babies, it's when the evenings get lighter and everythings blossoming and getting brighter again!

    For Amber to be able to eat a fairly normal diet and be able to tuck into a dinner with the rest of the family.

    Comfort food and lots of it!!!!

    South Africa, India, Maldives, Australia and China!

    Either at home with Gillan and kids in bed with an idian takeaway and lots of chocolate or a girly night out at the cinema then dinner after (with our hubbys paying)!
  • good questions
    here we go..............

    1) Spring, like you tash, i love the evenings being drawn out, and the weathers slightly warmer without being too hot!

    2) ooh, thats a hard one, ill come back to that

    3) Comfort food, every time!!

    4)anywhere in the world!! lol

    5)either a nice meal out with ant after having a family day, or nite in with takeaway and curled up on the sofa (or a cyber chat with you guys of course) hehe.

    kas xx
  • 1) Which is your favourite season and why? Summer - The suns shining and everybody is full of happy hormones lol

    2) If you were granted one wish what would it be? to be rich so that I didnt have to worry about money or work

    3) Posh nosh or comfort food? comfort food

    4) If you had the chance of a round the world trip, where would you like to visit? Tokyo, Italy, Russia, Maldives, India and Dubai

    5) What is your ideal way of spending a Saturday night? with my hubby in a nice restaurant and then go home and cuddle up on the sofa
  • Ooooh... Good questions Zoe!
    1)Spring - I love it when I can start sowing my veg!
    2)To be rich enough to semi-retire by the time I'm 30!!
    3)Posh nosh (preferably in a spa hotel!!)
    4)Australia and anywhere else that takes my fancy along the way!
    5)A night just like last night - kids at nannys, curry at a great restaurant and a lie in til 10!
  • 1) Spring- i have always loved it because that is when our lambs were born. Every year i would run out before school and see if our ewes had given birth yet.

    2) I would wish for the time and money to go out to Africa and help with children orphaned because their parents had aids/hiv.

    3) comfort food

    4) Africa, Kenya, Russia and Alaska

    5) Hollie in bed and Ian and i able to relax and watch tv together curled up in bed.
  • Good questions Zoe
    1)Autumn...Its the build up to Christmas and I love feeling cosy and snug indoors.
    2) As cliche as is sounds, for my family to be happy and healthy
    3) Comfort food everytime!!!
    4) Australia, Alaska, Kenya on safari and Mauritius(no kids just Nigel and I)
    5a).. A quiet night in with Nigel with a takeaway, bottle of wine and good dvd ....5b) The 5 of us round my best friends house having a takeaway and a good laugh
  • Hi - here are my answers:

    1) Summer - I like the warmth, the long days, going to the park, eating outdoors

    2) I feel I should say 'a cure for cancer' or some other well meaning wish, but it would have to be to secure the future for my family, financial security, health, happiness.

    3) Posh nosh def, scallops, foie gras and sashimi are my faves (and all off the menu until my daughter decides to put in her appearance!)

    4) Paris, Barcelona, Rome, somewhere in Eygypt, Dubai, Maldives, Hong Kong, Singapore, Bali, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Hawaii, somewhere on the east US coast, Hell Creek Formation to look for dinosaurs, New York, home.

    5) Any Saturday night in the summer (outside of football season) eating nice food in the garden and drinking good champagne until the stars come out. That's if the night in question isn't spent in Bali or Thailand, then just move the location, same activity just add on cocktails by the sea.
  • Blimey Nicolette, how long have you been planning that round the world trip?!!!
  • great questions!
    1) Autumn, I love cuddling up in my big winter coat and going for walks in the leaves, looking forward to bonfire night and xmas, and coming home and lighting the fire

    2) 4bed house!! All the kids in their own rooms in their own beds! But really the health and happiness of my family is all that matters

    3) Comfort Food every time, even tho Terry's a chef we love the basics!! Ice Cream, Chocolate and Chips (not all together!)

    4) Italy, South Africa, New York, Los Angeles, Thailand, New Zealand, Australia, Hawaii, Seychelles, Russia (probably not in the right order!!)

    5) Dinner in a lovely hotel, stay the night, lie in. Bliss!
  • 1. Autumn - I love the crisp mornings when the leaves start to fall off the trees and you can get snug and cosy in front of the fire!!

    2. To build our own home.

    3. Comfort Food.

    4. New Zealand, South Africa, Egypt, Canada, Italy and The Maldives.

    5. With our friends - Good food, lots of wine and great company!!
  • 1, The summer, being able to take Jessica to the park and evenings in the garden having a bbq and glass of wine.

    2,My mortgage to be paid off, so i can afford more things for Jessica.

    3,comfort food!

    4, Maldives, St Lucia and mexico

    5, Jessica tucked up safe in bed and my best mate coming over for a girlie evening!
  • 1)Autumn & Spring. Summer is unbearable in Egypt and winter's are too cold indoors as we are not well equipped.

    2) To see my mother again. (she passed away 4 years ago)

    3) comfort food

    4) South America, South Africa & France

    5) Ordering sushi and watching a good movie with my hubby
  • 1)summer,i love the heat and sunny mornings.

    2)Enough money to support my family and see that the rest of the family were kept happy.

    3)posh nosh(i liked to be wined and dined)

    4)All round the world if i could.pls

    5)With hubby just us with wine and nibbles/ or on here with you guys.

    Samiha thats a lovely wish,id give anything to see my grandad,he passed 5yrs ago and its his birthday today.
  • Samiha, good wish, i think id agree with you, to see my mum again, dito, she passed away 4 years ago!!
  • 1. Autumn, Looking forward to Christmas, new decs and tree out, present shopping etc.

    2. For my parents to be friends. They divorced more than 20 yrs ago. It's awkard for birthdays etc. Lifes too short to hold gruges.

    3. Comfort food, sticky toffee pud and custard.

    4. Hawaii, maldives, seychells, mexico, st Lucia.

    5. BBQ in the summer with plenty of food, wine and good company or meal with hubs.
  • 1) Which is your favourite season and why? Summer, the hot weather, less clothes, happier children with clear skin (we all suffer from eczema)

    2) If you were granted one wish what would it be? To have enough money to clear debts etc and for us to be comfortable

    3) Posh nosh or comfort food? Either food is food!!!

    4) If you had the chance of a round the world trip, where would you like to visit? God everywhere.

    5) What is your ideal way of spending a Saturday night? Either curled up with Dave watching a good comedy or a girls night out
  • 1) Which is your favourite season and why?
    Winter, I love christmas and its my birthday. Plus i can dig out my knee boots!!!

    2) If you were granted one wish what would it be?
    That we could go back in time, the only good thing that has happened over the last year is Bronwyn, my grandad passed away and my biggest regret is that he didn't know I was having a girl and he never got to hold Bronwyn. My dad has beaten cancer, it has been an awful year for him. I would love to find a cure and painless treatment for all cancers. Sorry for the essay.

    3) Posh nosh or comfort food?
    Comfort food!!! Pasta and garlic bread or nachos!!

    4) If you had the chance of a round the world trip, where would you like to visit?
    Australia, surfing on Bondi beach followed by Brazil and a trek through the rainforest!!

    5) What is your ideal way of spending a Saturday night?
    Watching my boys win a footy match, nice meal and dvd curled up on the sofa with Gareth. Rarely happens!!
  • Hi Em. We considered a round the world trip once, before kids, so it has been in the back of my mind ever since, with a few places added on, if you are going to do it you might as well do as much as you can!
  • Too right Nicolette!
    Let me know if it happens - I'll come with you! Sounds divine!

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