Periods and breastfeeding.

Does anyone know on average when periods return after giving birth if breastfeeding.

Before Hollie was born i had loads of blood tests to check my hormone levels because i hadnt had a period in 11months. For some reason they just stopped. Then they returned and i had 3 normal cycles before conceiving Hollie.
I havent had any now since december 2006, and Hollie will be 5 months old soon.

Today though i have had a really bad stomach so think they could be returning. Does anyone know if 5 months sounds about right or will they not return until she is weaning?

Sorry its a long post, im just a bit confused and not sure when i should be expecting it.


  • It varies with everybody, but 5 months is a very normal time. With both of mine they came back slowly, starting with a month where I would just have the pains, and then slowly got back to normal as each month went. I think I may have been lucky though, friends have had awful first periods so be prepared for either!

    Take care

  • Thanks, i am going to start weaning Hollie when she is 6 months which will be at the end of next month. We are trying for another baby but i am hoping to have a period before then so i know where i am. I don't intend to fully wean her until she is 12 months though so hope they return before then.
  • Hi - I think it is different from woman to woman. My first period coincided with the finish of my lochia, I was bleeding for seven weeks non-stop and they were pretty regular if hideously painful for a while. I breastfed my son for seven months. And bear in mind that you may still have ovulated even though you don't appear to have had a period... Breastfeeding is not a contraceptive. Hope that helps.
  • Thanks i will just have to wait and see when it turns up.
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