Poor George

George has suffered from eczema since he was born, only now its getting worse, we have been back and forth to the drs and have been refered to a dermatologist but his appointment isnt until 21st April!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! have a look at the photo's there is no way i am willing to wait until then.
This was his skin today, he spent the time wandering around my grandads house in just his vest whinging and crying with it, so i am going to ring the hospital tomorrow and the drs and see if i can push it any quicker


  • poor little chap.....

    there must be something that you can do to push that dr's appointment forward... he can't wait until april 21.

    by the way, the son of a friend of mine also has eczema, and it appears in the form of a red rash all over but especially his hands and he keeps scratching it. they did some tests and found out that he was allergic to many nuts, smoke, animal hair and other things i can't remember, so maybe you can get george tested in the meantime.

    good luck and keep us posted.

  • Oh Poor thing!
    sarah, I think that if you look through the posts from the lounge a week or so ago, you will see a post I did about Sophies excema, it's called 'excema and nightmares, could they be related?' I got lots of helpful advice so it might help you too!

    You're right to push the appointment, but do be careful if they put George on steroids, they did with Sophie and I didn't even know as I just thought it was a normal cream. She still has the marks where the steroids have bleached her skin!

    We now treat Sophie naturally and have various options that we use as excema can get resislient to a treatment very quickly, so this way we can keep swopping! We mainly use aloe sap straight from the leaves of a plant that we keep in the kitchen! This has proved by far the quickest acting and most soothing without stinging! If this starts to fail, we use either Aveeno (you should be able to get this on prescription) or Grandma Vines Antiseptic gel (completely natural, and available online or from health stores)

    Sorry, for the long post (I can't sleep!) but I hope this helps

  • yes poor george!! These consultants/doctors/etc make me so mad. They obviously have no idea what its like to have a small child in such discomfort and they obviously think its ok for them to put up with it every day. I hope you find a natural solution as Emma says and he it is soon clearing up for him
  • Hi Sarah,

    You are right, poor George. I don't blame you ringing to see if you can get an appointment sooner, especially if he gets distressed by it. Good luck.

    Keep us informed.

    Zoe xx
  • Emj,
    Where do you get the aloe plant from?
    Katelins is really bad, and I really dont want to use steroid cream for the reasons you gave.
    Any other remedies you can think of would be greatfully received too.
    We currently use Aqueous cream and a pure emmolient.
    I know you said about Sophies nightmares but have you noticed anything else that forms a pattern that seems to set it off?
    We are at a loss!!!!!!!!!
  • ouch, that does look sore, it must be horrible to see him so irritated.

    hope you manage to get the appt moved forwrds.
    let us know how you get on
    kas xx
  • Ouch! That looks terrible! There is no wonder George is sore.

    Have you tried changing washing detergents? I have stopped using them and have got a wash it ball from lakeland limited! It's really good!! Bronwyn had excema patches on her torso which have vanished since i swapped to the balls.
  • The only thing that I have really noticed with Sophie, is changes in temperature, she hardly ever has excema in the summer! But there's not a lot that we can do about that!

    As I said Lucy, we have found it really important to change remedies regularly, that way you get the best from all! My best recommendations are the Grandma vines and the aloe plant!

    I was given it by our next door neighbour, I am not sure how easy they are to get hold of, I'm sure a nursey of specialist garden centre would be able to get you one. If not, ours has got about 10 babies(!) which we are re-potting this weekend, I will hold one back for you and that will have to be another excuse for you to visit Tash! no rush, it's got to grow a bit yet!
  • well i managed to get an appointment to see the dr today. She was quite concerned about it as now his face is getting bad.
    She gave us 2 lots of steriod creams to use (which i was not impressed by) she said it was only for 10 days, then we were to go back and see her.
    I also went into town and went to a herbalist (spl) who recomended several herbs and lotions and potions, so i am going bcak to see her but i also got 2 samples from the body shop Aloe Vera Body Balm and some Hemp. The hemp i have used on myself and i found it was too oily for me but may be ok on George. So we will see, i couldnt get in touch with the hospital as it was constantly engaged (isnt it always!!), so i will try again tomorrow.
  • gp's will usually only going down the traditional route, its tiring that in the end all you can do is your own research and trial and error.

    Caroline do the washing balls work?? The boys clothes get filthy by the end of the day and I was dubious they would get them clean? But would like to try them
  • Im gonna have a look boo,thanks for the link,rileys never gets this bad.Did you get an appointemnt with a specialist.
  • no have to wait til April to sort out the specialist, but his skin does seem better.
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