BBC i Player

Has everyone else discovered this site and i'm just really slow??!!!

I think it's fab for those that don't know you can watch anything from the bbc channels that has been on in the last 7 days. You don't have to download anything and it's free! And it's fab for parents as i often have to sort a child out in the evenings and always miss the start of torchwood!!!!

Also anything from cbeebies can be rewatched! How fab is that??!!!

Sorry, didn't mean to sound like an advert! I thought Lucy might find this useful for her ITNG fan Kaitlin!!!!!


  • Hi Tasha,

    Don't worry you are not slow, I have heard it advertised but I don't surf the net like some of you girls do so I don't tend to find things like that.

    I will definately bear it in mind.

    Zoe xx
  • Ive heard of it but never really looked,will use your link tho to have a nose,sounds good.
  • Thanks Tasha,
    Will be very handy for my little ITNG fan. Also, Nigel wont let me watch torchwood, so now I know I can, when he's not about.
    Thankyou xxxx
  • oooh, id heard of it too, but hadnt looked at it, cool, looks good!! thanks tash
  • Hi Tasha,
    How are you today?? I'd heard of this but hadn't really looked at it yet. Good idea, I might get to watch eastenders. Thats if im not on here!!!
  • Hi Nicola, we're all great thankyou and haev had a lovely day (sorry)!!!!

    I know, i sat down to watch casualty this morning but decided to come on here instead!!!!

    Did your day get any better?! x x x
  • ITV has one aswell - its fab

    The other night I missed Colleen and then watched it over the net x
  • it did, I met up with Terry and boys at lunchtime (which was 3pm as I start work at 12!!) had a lovely coffee and choc muffin and walk in the park! Im v.tired now, but have another hour at work! Picking up Chinese on way home which will be nice!!
  • OOh! That's worth remembering, thanks Tash!

    Lucy, why won't Nigel let you watch Torchwood? Both Adam and I are addicted to it - it's fab!!
  • Not sure I'm allowed to say Em !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    But I love it. And primeval on saturdays. Which I am allowed to watch.
  • I used this bbc site for the first time today and its fantasic. We missed Ashes to ashes on thursday night and my husband blamed me even though i didn't know it was on. Any way its great site as i have watched th episode that i missed on thursday today. Dont know how long its been going on but i'm no longer a BBCIplayer virgin anymore.
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