Bad Day!!

Im exhausted!! Got on the wrong train to work, took me in completely the wrong direction...missed train coming back, then the next train into work...aaagh!! What a bad start to Monday! really late for work and they are not the most understanding of employers. Then realised I have left my bank card at home too!! Great day! How are you all?!!


  • Oh dear Nicola, I think you better spend the rest of the day at home!! Draw a line underneath today and forget about it.

    I'm ok, Charlotte has had her first full seesion at nursery today, 8.30-1 and she loved it so i'm feeling better about sending her, not so guilty. She even walked all the way home. She's on the chair watching Cbeebies, having a warm milk, hopefully planning a nap!!

    Hope tomorrow is a better day for you.

    Zoe xx
  • Oh dear Nicola!!

    I am sat here with a banging headache after my double year 11 lesson!!! And I thought my journey into work was stressful after sitting at traffic lights that don't work. Every other set of lights was leting people by apart from the set I was sat at!!!

    Thanks for making me smile!!!
  • Oh dear Nicola sounds like your day didnt start off too well.

    We have had an okish day except for the fact that Hollie has been a grizzly grump all morning with her teething. She went to bed at 9 and woke at 2 for food, and we made a break through by putting her back in her cot she fell asleep. Woohoo, she hasnt done that before normally she stays in with us. But i was up and down 4 times winding her mobile back up and it worked eventually.

    I have just been for a nice walk with her in the sun, and she is now asleep in her buggy.

    Hope your day is better tomorrow, ours wont be as Hollie has her last lot of jabs. So i am expecting to be up all night tomorrow. What fun!!!
  • Thats what our early mornings are like, up and down putting Luka's music box back on. he's got a baby einstein one!! Usually he ends up with us though!
  • oh dear Caroline! Hope you have a lovely welcome home from Bronwyn! Does she have a childminder or nursery?
  • Nicola she normally ends up in with us too. But last night i really made an effort to get her back to sleep in her cot, and now i know she can do it i will try again.
  • thats good! Hope she stays in there til the morning!! Terry met me on my lunch break and we went for coffee with the boys. V.nice. Tate cried his eyes out when I went back to work. He has NEVER got upset leaving me. Left me feeling like a v.guilty working mum! He usually only gets upset when daddy leaves.
  • Oh Nicola - sounds like a right morning!

    My day was the day from hell and then some - this morning I got to work at 8ish to get a phone call that my lorry from Italy had illegal immegrents! which then leads to a whole day of crap of sorting out the goods - lorry and driver! Complete nightmare - anyway in the end there was 12 in total inc a 13 yr old boy :O and all my goods are in quarentine!!! oh well tomorrow can only get better heres hoping lol
  • Nicola glad you had such a nice lunch you deserved it after such a bad morning!! Do you work full time?

    Sarah, sorry you had a completly lousy day i hope kas zoe and i were able to cheer you up a bit with a sneaky msn chat at work??!!!!
  • lol yeah sorry for dashing off like that - some wally then rang up to make my day worst and discuss something that happened in 2006!! I mean for godsake! anyway got that sorted and now just waiting for a call about the lorry - oh er

    BTW is anyone elses MSN not working
  • Sorry Sarah, my msn seems ok.

    Hope you have a better day tomorrow.

    Zoe xx
  • Wow sarah, what is your job if you don't mind me asking??
  • I work Mondays 12-8 (after jo jingles in the morning!) Wednesday 2-6 and friday 1-6. So not too bad. I haven't worked full time since Tom started school, luckily. I want to stay at home really though.
  • omg, sorry you had such a bad start to the day nicola. glad it picked up though.
  • Oh dear Nicola, that sounds awful!!! Hope the rest of your week is much much better!!

    We've had a pretty good day. Cameron was a bit grumpy when i dropped him off this morning, but he was fine once he got settled. Work was ok, lots of supply teachers today which make my job much harder!!
  • Oh Dear! Sounds like you have had slightly lousy days, hope tomorrows better for you!

    My day was great but VERY long! Left for work at 7.10am and got home at 7.20pm, still shorter than I had first thought, it's just the driving that's killing me after 9 hours standing in the NEC! One day left then a day off on Wednesday!

  • I import pasta for Tesco/Somerfield and Makro and Mozzarella for Sainsburys. Its quite varied like today lol bit also i'm the manager so get to boss everyone around whilst I chat on MSN...........pmsl of course I do work LOL

    Sounds like a long day - Em - have you had fun over the last couple of days?
  • Pasta and mozzarella mmmh! Just polished off nice chinese with OH and Tom. Im ready for my bed nearly!!!
  • Hi all

    Didnt have a good day yesrerday either,got riley home from school and he nodded off 1st day back must have knocked him for 6 bless but at 5pm he started being sick,i waited a while then rang DR's and they said he had defo got the bug and give cooled boiled water(sips)and keep an eye on him.All he wanted to do was sleep,but every time he nodded off and relaxed it started again.
    After about 10pm the sickness had started to fade and we managed to get some sleep in our bed,he just woke to have sips of water all through the night.

    But he looks much better,but im keeping him off school today just incase.
  • Poor Riley, hope he's much better today and has a nice relaxing day at home...x
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