Amber's now on 2 meals a day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm the happiest mummy in the world!!!!!!!!

Today for the first time Amber had pear for breakfast and potato for lunch!!!

Albeit, it was only a teaspoon of potato but tomorrow she'll have 2 teaspoons and 3 on wednesday and so on! At the weekend she'll even have chips!!! It was the dietitians idea as it's importnat for her to have finger foods!

I'm so excited and desperately hoping it will be all good from here!


  • Well Done Amber!! You have made your mummy so pleased!!! Clever girl xxx
  • Hi Tasha,

    That's great it really is .

    Amber, well done you ...keep going you'll love all these new exciting tastes and textures mummy has planned for you!!
  • What fab news Tasha


  • Tasha that is great news. Well done amber i hope your progress continues and i hope you like your chips at the weekend.

  • That's great Tasha!!

    Good Girl Amber!!!

    She'll soon be eating as much as my little Munchkin!!!
  • That's fantastic news Tasha !!!!

    Well done Amber, you're such a clever girl !!
  • Wahey Amber!!! I'm so proud of you! Keep going - you're going to love those chippies!!!

  • Hurray Amber, you've made your mummy very proud!! i cant wait to see you eating. hope you enjoy the exciting world of food. its not every day you get told to eat chips tash lol!!
    well done superstar!!
    kas xx
  • Thanks girls as always you've been full of support! I so hope i only put positive posts on about her eating from now on!

    Em i don't have a printer so would you mind printing thispage out for me?? I want to put it in her memory box as it's a momentous day in her life!!!!!!
  • No Probs, will do it in time for her birthday, as don't think I'm seeing you til then!

    Don't blame you Tash, it really is a momentous day for her, seems so long ago now when you were having to hairdry her little bottom when she fed! God! You went through hell!

    Well done, Tash n Gillan!

  • Actually Em you're right!!!
    I had to change her nappy at least hourly or what i mainly did was leave her nappy off most of the day and breastfed her with the change mat on my lap then hairdryed her bottom in between (it intensifies the air getting to the sores on ehr bottom). she had diahreah every 1 -2 mins which was accidic so stripped the skin from her bottom.

    I'd forgotten how bad it was Em, makes her teething seem like a walk in the park!!!

    Glad you got home safely, only one more day to go!!
  • I will never forget that Tash, I went home in tears the first time I saw what yoy were having to go through!

    You should be so proud of your clever little girl now!!
    AND Clever Ethan, it hasn't been easy for him either, I know that Amber isn't suddenly going to be fine, but even if she can just have a few different foods, it will be so much easier for you all.

  • Oh Tasha, that sounds horrific.
    Let's hope you've turned a corner and Amber can have lots and lots of tasty meals!!
  • Thankyou Dawn x x x
  • oh my tasha... it seems that it was a real nightmare. glad it's over and that your princess is fine now.

    congratulations on the solid food. seif too is now eating 2 meals a day. at noon he has vegetables and a strip of white chicken breast mashed in blender, and at tea time, he has an apple, banana some orange juice and a marie biscuit blended as well. he loves them so much that he's really getting cranky when it's bottle time. and yesterday for the first time i fed him in his high chair. i was so proud
  • Well done seif!! Its lovely when they are up in their highchair,he's growing up fast...almost half a year old!!
  • Tasha thats great news.

    Well done amber!
  • Hi Tasha
    I really hope this is a turning point for you all, you should all be proud of yourselves as you managed to get through a really tough time and have a beautifull happy daughter xx
  • I think today may be the first day Ambers ever been full up!!!!

    she had 2 teaspoons of potato today (as well as pear for breakfast) which works out at just under 2 ice cubes and she couldn't manage it one go!! What was fantastic was we were having lunch in a pub and when our meals arrived and she begged for food i simply offered her the rest of the potato which felt fab!! She then only had 5 ozs of milk compared to the normal 10 (!) and still went 4 hours before her next bottle!!!!

    We're meant to up the potato until she's on four cubes but i don't think she'll manage it as i guess her tummy isn't used to that amount of solids so we're going to do it in 2 lots so that'll be 3 little meals a day!!!!!

    It's just getting better and better!!!!

    Thankyou for all your messages x x x

    PS Samiha, that's fab Seifs doing so well, ambers loving being in her highchair too!!!!

    Weldone Amber!! and Weldone Tasha!!!

    Thats so fab!! I'm so glad shes getting on well with the Potato and Pear!!
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