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Read a few other posts about 'other forums' not being so 'friendly' I had to investigate, and I see what you mean!! People can be really opinionated and bitchy to people they don't even know!!! Im glad, I never joined any of these forums, im back to PP. I won't go to the other side again!!!


    i go to 2 other forums, the one i cant stand and very very rarely go on there because they are like you said "opionated"
    the other one is like here very freindly and i dont think any of us have fallen out, in fact we meet up usually about 2-3 times a year.
    I am really addicted to this site now!!
  • I agree Nicola!!!
    I joined a feww others before i was a PP addict!! But they were all so argumentative!!! I'd be scared to post any messages on them!!! Also many of them are so large that theres no way you'd get to know anyone!!

    I have to say i've read a post on here from about june last year that was very very argumentative and one poor girl was really picked on. I won't say which post it is in case the orriginal poster still comes on and she was scary!! but just pm if you want to read through it!!!

    PP's really come on lately though and i think if someone came on here simply for an argument now we'd all stand up for each other!!!

    lad you came back to us Nicola!!!!
  • I never went away!! I was just being nosey on the other ones!!!
  • I was on another forum before i found pp and i left it was really bad. It was the kind of forum where people were the best mothers in the world and they were never ever wrong...lmao.
    I happened to post one day that Hollie liked watching the tv, i had replies back telling me that i was a lazy mother. They got the impression that i had sat Hollie in front of the tv and left her all day to watch it. They also told me that their kids weren't allowed to watch the tv as it was evil. One girl even said that her son is made to sit on the floor with his back to the tv and play with his toys when she wanted to watch a programme.

    It was just really over the top and people were so up themselves on there. Im so glad i found pp its heaps nicer.
  • OMG!! I can't believe how strange some people are!! At least we all seem to be on the same wavelength!

    The new ticker is beautiful!! She has such gorgeous eyes
  • Well i had to go and be nosey! and i can't believe what other forums are like, they are so rude to each other!

    Thank god for pp, if i had tried another forum i think it would have put me off for life!!!
  • Thanks Nicola, everybody mentions her eyes and say they like them. I can't make up my mind if they are turning brown or not. I hope they aren't because then she will have dadi's eyes like everything else.
  • I can't believe other girls called you lazy god what would they think of me???!!!

    And that woman banning her son from tv but watching ehr stuff in front of him, she thinks she's perfect??!
    Good job you have us lot now!!!
  • I've tried other forums but I keep coming back here. There is one that I do pop onto now and then but it is hard to get to know anyone on it. You have to wait allegedly 48 hours for your post to appear but it can be as long as a week sometimes and when the person you want to reply to has something urgent, it is utterly useless. I complained once but heard nothing back and it hasn't really improved much. And it is very much a question and answer session rather than a place to chat and get support. And the people who use it seem to be less intelligent than those on here - I doubt anyone on here would ask "I haven't felt my baby move for two days, should I speak to someone?" and wait days for a response instead of going straight to A&E.
  • ive had a look at a couple of other forums but didnt join. they just seemed so big and scary lol. not half as friendly as here.
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