Reusable nappies?

Hi Naomi. Welcome to the PP forums, I hope you enjoy coming on here and please feel free to join in any chat that looks interesting.

I am also thinking about the reusable option, the new Mothercare Smart nappy which you can use as a reusable or a disposable which sounds like the best of both worlds. What worries me is that you are stuck with Mothercare, whereas with other brands you can get them in all sorts of shops. The initial outlay is a great deal more and I expect you'll end up doing a lot more washing so there is the added expense of more washing detergent and the time taken to do it, the nappy soak solution, a bucket and then having soggy, smelly nappies hanging round the house.

Hopefully someone will have experienced them to let us know how it works!


  • hi

    if ur on a budget then terry squarres are the way to go

    i got my lot of nappies and nippas (instead of pins) and plaastic pants fot £30!
    and still going strong

    i have 3 packs of nappies, and 6 pairs of plastic pants and 3 packs of nippas (off ebay)
    all u have to buy extras of atre the liners which are cheap anyway

    ive used my set for 18 months now

    i highly recommend the kite fold which takes practise but its easy when u know how

  • image

    How cute do they look!
  • They do look rather comfy.

    We had a collect and clean service,you loan the nappies and they collect and give you a clean lot,the only problem was they didnt deliver in our area as we lived smack bang in the middle of town and they said there was no adaquate(spelling)parking for them to drop and collect.Ended up just going disposiable im afraid,couldnt find a birth to potty pack either as mothercare at the time were the only ones to have them and we didnt have one in the area.

    I have said if we do have another,i would most def give them a go.
  • Hi Naomi

    I couldn't be doing with the hassle of terry squares but hate the idea of disposable nappies. I am using the perfect solution, no pins and they look like disposables (no this isn't a sales pitch), Tots Bots Bamboozles!

    They cost approx £250 for the 2 sets which last from birth to potty. You can pick them up on ebay for less! They are fab, as easy to use as disposables but you wash them and then either stick them on the radiator, in the dryer or on the line! You need to use a liner which i bin rather than flushing away, and a waterproof cover. I have had less leaks with washables than diposables!

    I am so pleased with mine, as you might guess! The staff at nursery use them for me ad they are fine with them. Of course, you need to be slightly organised with regard to washing them.

    I do sometimes use disposables but it works out at less than a pack a month.

    Please PM me if you need any more info!!
  • I just read Nicolettes post and thought I would add this!

    There is no smell from the nappies if you use a container with a lid, I wash every other day.

    Nappies don't need soaking and no fabric conditioner as it affects the absorbancy. I use a wash it ball from Lakeland limited which is £7 for over 100 washes!

    Bronwyn has no nappy rash at all, however on a trip where i had to use dsposables she got nappy rash, apparently from he bleach and chemicals in the disposables!

    It takes me 5 mins to sort out the nappies for washing, then they go on the radiators all day or overnight and then I soften them up in the dryer. I often wash any really mucky baby clothes with them which works out fine!!!
  • If i didn't already have a mountainful of washing I would definitely have gone down the reusable route. yes you have to be organised but you do as well with making sure you've bought enough disposables. I think they must be much more comfy for little ones and look great. I was tempted the most by the totsbots. But what do you do on a long holiday? The mothercare smart nappy also looks good, but this came out after Luka was born. I say if its your first give them a try! You will get your money's worth especially if you have another.
  • Hi Caroline - is it possible for any of the brands, do you know, to have a look at them before actually paying out any money? It would end up more expensive to have to buy a pack at forty quid or more to discover that they are too fiddly (less practiced hubby and MIL who is very hit and miss) or that I just didn't like them? I've never seen the component parts of a reusable, unlike disposables, so I don't want to buy something that will not be used. Not sure about the smell thing, I tried everything with Bon's disposables in little plastic bags done up very tightly and nothing stopped them smelling other than putting them outside in the dustbin each time, not convenient at night!
  • Hi Nicolette
    You can buy trial packs which usually contain a nappy, wrap and booster pad. I got a little lambs one for about £7. There are some websites, try the nappy lady, that let you rent a pack for a week or 2 to try them.

    These nappies are not fiddly, Gareth had never changed a nappy in his life and he has no problem. (when he's here!!)

    I can honestly say that my washables smell less than my bin that I put disposables into. I have a mini old fashioned dustbin style bin with a lid that fastens on.

    The only downside to washables, is that they are slightly more bulky than disposables so I find that jeans in the size that bronwyn is wearing will it over a disposable but not a washable, i need a bigger size or she wears a skirt or dungarees.
  • Caroline theres a website that does clothes which are designed to wear over disposables. Im not sure if they are pricey though? It might be cottonbottoms?
  • Hiya, My cousin bought disposable ones but when she came to use them, found that the clothes didn't fit properly. She sold the lot on ebay. If you can get samples, that would be a good idea. I didn't want the hassel so bought tesco own which have been fab.
  • or maybe its cut4cloth? I think cotton bottoms are nappies aren't they?
  • Thanks, just having a look a that site!!!
  • hi ladies, i have got a birth to potty set of onelife nappies. they are absolutely great, but we havent used them very much i must admit, pure laziness i think. i am currently trying to sell them however, as they cost over £200 from new, and as they havent been used very much are in excellent condition, so if anyones interested, please pm me and ill get back to you and give you some info. ill post a piccie too if interested.
    kas xx
  • I use Kushies on George and i have had no problems with them, they look like a disposable and have velco around the waist. The only thing is i dont use them at night but i love him in his kushies!!!
  • hi all!
    When I had william, I looked into cotton nappies, but in the end decided against it as I was back at work when he was a week old so I think it would have been too much!

    Just to say though, if any of you are thinking of going to the baby show at the NEC, I remember that there were loads of deals on re-usable nappies to be had!
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