1 day to go

Woooo Hooooo

Need I say anymore???


  • Caroline i bet you can't wait, what time will he be home!

    I bet he can't wait to see Bronwyn, how long is he home for!
  • He is currently waiting for his transnoprt to the airport which is 4pm our time, he is bored!!!

    He lands at 6am ish and will be on a train by 8 and heading up to Grimsby. I am leaving school at 12.30 tomorrow and heading off to pick him up!!

    He has 4 weeks off!!!
  • Thats great Caroline. I'm guessing we wont be hearing from you for the first 24 hours. hehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Hi Caroline,

    Not surprised you are excited. I bet he is too.

    Safe trip.

  • Thats great Caroline, not long now!
    I bet hes bored and can't wait to get home!
  • That's great Caroline!!!!

    Hope you all have a safe journey tomorrow xx
  • woo hoo caroline, safe journey
    and have fun lol

    kas xx
  • Caroline that's so good that he'll be home tomorrow! I hope you all have awonderful weekend together i'm sure Bronwyn will be the centre of attention!!

    How exciting to know he's making his way home now!!!
  • wow caroline, how exciting!!!! just think in 24hrs time, you will all be home together, how lovely. And four whole weeks will be great!
  • Gosh bet your sooooo excited!!!!

  • Wow that's great, bet your very excited! Have a lovely weekend, what do you have planned for the weekend besides the obvious. hee hee.
    lol. xx
  • Gareth is now on the plane and waiting for take off!!

    In 10 hours he will be landing at Heathrow!!

    I can't wait!!!!
  • Thats great, i hope he has a good journey xx
  • Funnily enough, we have few plans.

    We need to go food shopping at some point! And look at sofas. We can only do this at weekends as where we live has very few shops! Its at least a 30 minute drive to any decent shops!!!
  • oh how nice Caroline...no distractions!!! You must be so excited! Im excited for you...ha,ha xxx
  • Booo, we don't have a lot of option. My back is so bad at the minute that unless we get a more supportive sofa he won't be getting any action at all!!!!! Not saying that we will be doing the sofa shopping this weekend though!

    I want him to bond with Bronwyn this weekend! Its more important that he does that. We can bond once Bronwyn is asleep!!!!
  • Although we are very limited to time for shopping as I work Monday to Friday. He is away with his work mates next weekend and back in Portsmouth for a few days, the weekend after is the Christening and the weekend after is the one before he goes back to the ship!!!
  • HAPPY BONDING Caroline ( nudge nudge wink wink)
  • My period is due any day!!!!! Oh dear!!!!

    That will really please him!!!!
  • I bet you are excited now. I hope you have a lovely 4 weeks with Gareth and i hope Bronwyn enjoys spending time with her daddy. It's not long now then you will all be together again, and Bronwyn can show her daddy all the new tricks she has learnt.
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