Welcome Home Gareth

Welcome back onto solid ground Gareth


  • I agree. Welcome back Gareth and enjoy spending time with Caroline and Bronwyn. Hope you all have a great few weeks.

  • Welcome home Gareth, hope you got home safe and sound.

    Have a lovely day Caroline
  • Welcome home Gareth. Enjoy your precious time with your Daughter and Caroline.

    ps will you let her come on here still?
  • Hi Gareth!!

    Hope you have had a safe journey home.

    Enjoy your four weeks with Caroline and Bronwyn.

    Zoe xx
  • Welcome home Gareth,
    Enjoy your time with your ladies.
    Caroline will chat soon.Have fun

  • Thanks Ladies!!!
    Its great having him home again!!!

    Gareth is gobsmacked (and slightly freaked out ) at having his own post!!!

    Bronwyn has taken straight to him! They have been playing on the living om floor earlier!! She is fast asleep, we are about to have tea and chill out!!!

    Catch up with you soon!!!
  • So pleased that gareth has got back safely and is bonding with Bronwyn!
    Enjoy the next 4 weeks!!

  • It was only fair that Gareth got his own post after all his time away
  • Thats lovely Carolyn, have a fantastic time...when you have time you should add a pic of you all together to go on this post!!!
  • He would kill me if he knew I was posting a photo of him! I'll sneak one of the christening on!!!
  • what you doing on here caroline? thought you might be snuggling up on the sofa together?! Or are you waiting for the new one?! lol

    Has Bronwyn enjoyed getting to know Daddy again?
  • sorry Caroline, I called you Carolyn. My friend Carolyn just called me thats why!! sorry x
  • I hadn't noticed Nicola, I've been called worse things!!!

    Em, Gareth is asleep in bed!!!! He dozed off on the sofa whilst I was in the bath and when I woke him he was all disorientated. I've sent him to get sleep as he's been up 48 hours.

    Bronwyn was all smiles with him and has gone straight to him with no problems!!
  • It's amazing how much they adjust at this age isn't it? She can probably sense some sort of familiarity with him, it must be amazing to watch them getting to know each other? Are you taking lots of photos?
  • Not taken any photos yet but I will!!! And we will certainly get lots taken at the Christening!!!
  • Look forward to seeing them.

    Sorry its late, we had my sil and bil over for dinner last night and was at a committee meeting the night before so feels like ive not been on for ages!! (well two nights is a lifetime in pp world lol).

    I hope you are all having a fab time together and im so pleased Bronwyns taken straight to him, He must have been so surprised at how much she'd changed!

    enjoy your weekend, and hope to catch up soon
    kas xx
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