nearly manged to set up a profile lol

right got a siggy, just need to figure out this avitor thing


  • Love the photo Kristy! Thay really are gorgeous children, they look so alike, who do they take after?

  • i don't know tbh, think there more like ray

    here's a old pic of us two

  • No Kirsty they defo have your cheeks,and rays nose.
  • glad they don't have my nose, i always wanted a nose job when i was younger, seen it as my only fault. now its my least faulty part lol
  • Not meaning to sound funny or anything but you look quite fab in your pic.
  • thanks, i did look good. but i had kids and now weigh about 2 stone more and of course i'm a little older. that pic was taking on my birthday just before i found out i was pregnant with charlie. i don't have many nice photo's of us two together so kept it safe.
    now i have stretch marks and my boobs are no where near ok with out a bra, and tun and tuns of fat lol
    i'll have to stick a pic on a got took at the wedding i went to on sunday, we can call it a bump pic
  • here you go, the one from sunday gone and one from november at nicoles baptism. thats me now.
    what do you lot look like then?

  • This was taken last year,look terrible,windswept.Im happy to say i lost abit more weight in the face,i got stretch marks where i never thought you could get them,still trying to loose my upper belly fat to, hubby doing a pic tomorrow for me,better dull meself up a

  • Great Pics!! Im useless at getting pics on here!! I was pregnant 6months after meeting Terry, so didn't get me long as a size 10 slim 20-something!!! I am now mum of three size 14 30-something ha,ha!!!
  • omg riley is your double, he's like a mini you.
    take it you were at the zoo?
    i photographed a wedding in colchester a couple of years ago, we never got to go to the zoo but seen signs for it.
  • DO you realy think his like me,just i cant see it.

    Where abouts in the north east are you.

    The zoo is cool,now that they are updating all the enclosures,they just done the kids play funhouse and its real great to.
    Adis mum got me a gold card for xmas and it nice to be able to say we are going to the zoo and not have to worry about paying to get in and the bus is quick to get there and is only 2.80 so a nice cheap day out.
  • KIristy, You look absolutely fab in both opics, but especially the recent one, wow! I wish that I had looked that good when I was pregnant!
  • image

    This was 2 years ago, but just realised that I must be the only one who takes photos in our house as this is the most recent photo I've got!! I've managed to lose 1stone since then, although, as you say Kristy, I will never be the same as pre-pregnancy!!

    Oooops! Sorry it's a huge photie, can't work out how to reduce the size!!
  • Kristy,
    How glam do you look??? I feel all frumpy now!!!!

    Your kids are gorgeous!! You must be very proud!
  • Lovely Piccie Emma. How do you get them on here? I got some on Photobucket that I put on here b4 but was exhausted by the end of it!! Surely there must be an easier way??
  • Em, to reduce the size when you select your pic in photobucket there is an edit or size tab just above the pic. Click on it and select one of the smaller sizes.
  • ooops! Sorry will know for next time! I really am a technophobe!!
  • emma you look lush.
  • Nicola, I did this the long way round, in photobucket! I am not going to try and learn a different way, I haven't got this one right yet!!
  • Well I felt blinking knackered! That was New Years Day 2006 and I wasn't tired from partying (what's that?!!) just from being up half the night with that little monkey! We had recently moved house and it had really unsettled him! He still wakes up every night so I am now thinking about buying shares in Touche Eclait!!!
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