i want to get married, well sort of lol

already married but want to do it all over again, to the same guy of course lol
just been taking the details of a ladys wedding i'm photographing in Aug and it always makes me go "aw"
i love weddings. soon as i lose my weight i'm going to put my dress on and sit around the house, me and my mate said we both will do it lol


  • Oh I so want to do it all again too! I've spent the afternoon witha lady whose wedding invites, table plan etc I am going to be making. There is some fabulous stuff out there and so much more modern and chic than when I got married nearly seven years ago!

    Think we should join in one of those wedding dress days that Take a Break organise!!

    Kristy, it must be a lovely job, I only get to see the build up to a wedding and not the actual day! Confused with dates at the moment, you will have had the baby by August won't you?!!
  • lol My dress is all wrapped up in a box - would love to get it out again but won't get it out just yet cause if it doesn't fit will feel pissed off LOL

    I would love to get married again - it was the best day of my life and of course to the same hubby
  • Ahh thats lovely, i wouldn't want all the hassle again though just the day!!

    I'd love to organise one of those wedding dresscharity balls where everyone whears their gowns or bridesmaids dresses and the men hire tucks it would be lovely and all for a good cause!

    Are you a wedding photographer then Kristy??
  • Oooh! Yes that's a good idea Tash! we could have a 'PP Get Together Charity Wedding Dress Ball!!!' x x
  • I to have my dress all wrappedup and stored away.I no for fact that i would never fit into it yet,would need to loose a bit more weight and get to a size 14 first by im game if you lot are.lol

    Wouldnt want the hassle of the planning and would most def want a different party as we had a fight break out and then a chocolate food fight,dont worry dress was away well before that happened.
  • Quote:

    Oooh! Yes that's a good idea Tash! we could have a 'PP Get Together Charity Wedding Dress Ball!!!' x x

    Thats sounds like a great idea!!!
    Im all for it

    I'd love to get married again (same man etc), am i the only person who would do things a bit more differently???
  • NO!!! I would do a lot differently, but not because i wasn't happy with anything, just because times change and so have I! I was only 21 when I got married so I think if I did it again, I would do it a bit more sophisticated!

    Emma, sounds like you had an interesting day, who fought who?!!
  • yeh i'm a wedding photographer.
    yes the baby will be about 4 to 5 weeks old when i photograph this wedding (having a c section so know the date) i used to have to take nicole along to the weddings with me, breast feed her, go in to do the photo's and by the time i was finshed she was ready for her next feed. it's hard work but i can do it.
    i know i would never get in to my dress, it's a size 8! i took the corset part out a few mths back and it was 6inchs to small lol
  • My dress got covered in a pint of guiness by the little bridesmaids mum (not on purpose) so i'd need it dry cleaned first!!! And i may need to lose some weight!!!
    Oh and my boobs are now double the size so dress would need to be altered!!!!!
  • Or........................we could all make this a great excuse to get new ones!!!!lol x x
  • I am pretty certain mine would fit, i have a few marks on the skirt though where my uncle decided to cuddle me when he had a cigarette in his hand
  • I was 19 when we married in aug,and turned 20 that nov.

    My brother in law was ment to have been banned from coming coz he didnt like the idea of me marrying adi but he promised to behave so for my sisters sake we let him come,he started a fight with adi but my mum and dad were in security so man handled him out the venue(snooker hall).
    The food fight was my dad with triple chocolate gatoux,rubbing it in drunk peoples fases.

    So i would defo like another party but to go nice and smooth.lol
  • i think i may get married in this country, we got married in sri lanka and i missed my family. or rather i would make my famliy come alone to it, or have a bigger party than i did when i got home.
  • How long have you been married Kristy?
  • oh god, it'll be 5 years in august.
  • Ahhh!!!

    We're 5 years next saturday!!!!! and we've never had a nice anniversary so i'm pinning all my hopes on next week!!! xx
  • Ahh where does the time go.
  • Oh god! tash, I better go and make you a card then!
  • So we wont see you nxt sat then,what you up to,anything nice.
  • Yes you better had!!!

    oh and can you make on Gillans behalf as i don't think he'll bother!!!
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