Busy tonight!

It seems to be nice and busy on here tonight!!
So has everyone had a good day??
We planned to go to the park but the weather didnt like us!!! So we stayed in and slobbed! I have taken tons of pictures of things i have got to sell (got to sort them out!!), so if anyone is looking for anything in perticular let me know!!! i may have it!!

Tomorrow we are planning on......................... going to feed the ducks and go to the park!! lets keep our fingers crossed


  • Been really busy with work today, but tomorrow i plan to spend the morning in my PJ's doing some more of the invites that I am making and then spending the afternoon (or at least some of it!) in the pub with friends!
  • ohhhhhhhh can i join you!!
  • Yep Anytime!!! Have been looking forward to this all week!!
  • Hiya, its great pp being this busy! I feel sorry for anyone trying to catchup tomorrow though!!!

    We had a busy morning shopping but a quiet afternoon, not doing much tomorrow, gillans sorting out the garden and i'll sort out inside!!!
  • Been shopping and got some new clothes to.My mum had riley so we had a break and when we go home she had cleaned right through,not that it was a mess just last night dinner stuff.

    Tomorrow i dont think much,adi will be on the xbox and i have no washing or ironing so a nice day for me,if the weathers ok i'll take riley to the park.
  • Right i'm off to bed now girls, hope you all have a good day tomorrow, night night x x x x x
  • Ok, nite nite tasha,sweet dreams.Have a nice day tomorrow.
  • Night Tash, will call you tomorrow x x x
  • hi all, im struggling to catch up from the last couple of nights, having to do it bit by bit.

    had very chilled day today, did some sticky messy stuff with niamh, just slobbed really. wanted to get out though, as taras been poorly all week, we've not got out anywhere. weather was no good for a walk either.

    tomorrow however, im going to a wedding fair with my old school friend as im bridesmaid for her in september, so my sil and bil are having niamh for a few hours, so i'll just have tara with me. so im really looking forward to tomorrow.

    hope you all have nice sundays

    kas xx
  • Morning,

    Well i had a rotten night, i seem to have a tummy bug and and was up in the night with sickness, urgghhhhh i hate it!!
    I don't feel too bad this morning, just a little delicate!

    Amber slept well again though the food seems to be really suiting her (!) she slept in her own cot until 4:30 which is a record and went 9pm until 6am without a bottle!!!!

    I don't think we're doing much today, just pottering round the house, then tomorrow is happily the day i get to go to the dentist!!!

    Hope everyone has a good day today x x x
  • Wahey Tash! Never heard you happy to go to the dentist! You really have been suffering haven't you?!!
    Glad Amber is still doing well, hope you feel better soon Tash x

    Kas, Have a great day - wedding fairs are fab!!
  • Morning Tasha,
    Sorry you are feeling poorly but good that Amber had a nice sleep, thats such a good thing...for you all! I have a cold now, coming out in sympathy with Terry! He seems quite good today at least he's up. Although having just looked at him he does look rough!! So I best take the boys out and give him some peace!!!
  • Believe me Em, i'm still dreading tomorrow its just that i've got so desperate something has to be done!!!

    Sorry you're not feeling well Nicola, andi bet there's not a chance of you getting a break at the moment! Take care x x x
  • well im on here, so thats nice. Tate on the sofa with his daddy and luka is sleeping. Tom is stuck to his PSP upstairs. So im just going to go and have a shower I think.
  • Gillans been lovely this morning as i'm not feelnig great and has blitzed the kitchen and has now popped out for a bit of shopping with Ethan, i think he's just so pleased i'let' him get a Ds lite that he'll do anything!! Bless him, he keeps saying thankyou!!!!!!! i really should get motivated and do some jobs but hey i've still got all day!!

    Enjoy your shower! x x
  • Sorry you're feeling poorly Tash.
    Take care of yourself. Hope you feel brighter soon.
  • ohhh best of luck for tomorrow tash at the dentist- i'm sure you'll be fine though - if I can have 4 fillings done - then anyone can - trust I'm the biggest scardy cat EVER!!

    Hope everyones Sunday is going to plan - mine is sitting on here at the mo - but will get up to do some lunch at some point?!
  • Good luck at the dentist tomorrow Tash, i had a root canal done a couple of weeks ago and it was fine xx
  • Thanks girls
    To be honest i'm not to worried about the pain etc i'm more embaressed about hte state of my teeth and that i'll get a good telling off!!!! Unfortunately i don't think they're actually doing any treatment tomorrow they're just taking a look although i may well beg!!!
  • Don't worry Tash my teeth are in a state as well and have not been the same since before i was pregnant!
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