I am having one hell of a day!

Decided to spend most of the day trying to get these wedding invites done, I am doing them in stages rather than 50 individual cards, so up to today I had cut out all the ivory blanks and all the insert cards and to day was the day to cut all the pink and black layers! I've only gone and run out of black paper - AND - the bride is coming to collect on FRIDAY! Argh! Now I've got to try and pull a favour 2moz withthe paper co as their delivery schedule is usually 2 weeks!!!

To TOP that - I have just cut all the reply text for the reply cards and seen that the bride had given me the wrong reply date, I had cut 50 of the blinking things!!!!!

Still got to hand sew swarovski crystals yet!

I'm off to the Pub!

Sorry for the long one, but having a rant has helped!


  • Sorry things are going wrong for you today Emma, but everything will sort its self out!
    Go down the pub and relax for a while xx

    P.s Have you heard of encaustic art, i have been looking for a hobbie and thought i might enjoy doing that!
  • Yes, it's very popular in the crafting world at the moment! I haven't gone into it in my shop as the layout for the kit can be quite a bit and most of my customers are card makers and scrapbookers! I think you can get a kit for it from Hobby Craft (my rivals!!) Not sure if there's one near you!
  • I have had a look and i think i can buy the started kit online for £35, won't use Hobby craft if its your rival!

    What is the name of your shop and have you got a website!
  • Ah Em sorry you're having a bit of a nightmare but i know you'll get it sorted, you're cards are always stunning!!

    Simone, my friend had a go at encaustic art andit looked brilliant ithink it would make a great hobby. not usre how much it all costs though, my guess is expensive.
  • Sorry if I sound thick but what is it? Sounds interesting.
  • Don't mind you using Hobby Craft (!) but you're probably right to get it on line as Hobby craft is renowned for being expensive!
    Don't have a website yet but if you go on, we are on there as stockists, Prima Crafts, Sedgley, West Mids. Not got any photos on there yet but will have shortly! We stock nearly everything that Docrafts bring out!
  • Emma - Sorry your having a bad day! hopefully once you get back from the pub things will look brighter?
  • Going to the pub now, but only drinking soft drinks as still have plenty of invites to do and I definately don't want wonky invites on top of everything else! lol
  • lol emma - you could say that there the artistic touch.

    Have fun @ the pub
  • Lucy
    Encaustic art is using an iron and wax and making pictures on cards, i had a go on my mums friends and really enjoyed it, even though my picture was not very good!
  • Oh dear Emma! Hope you hare now having a relaxing time though. I would love to be down the pub!!
  • Hope you manage to get things sorted!!! I'm going to attempt to make all my ds3's christening invites!
  • oh er Simone - that sounds quite difficult.

    But something my mother in law would probably love - shes really into crafts and has made her spare room a craft room - she could open a shop with all the stuff she has! lol
  • So could most of my customers - i swear they buy most of the things because they 'are new out' or 'pretty' not with any intention to actually use the stuff!
  • lol my mil used to be part of the WI so she used to make cards but she doesn't get a chance to anymore as Sam nan is really ill so all her spare time is spent with her.

    I once made photoframes but all the bits I stuck on fell off LOL Never again!
  • Oh dear Emma!!!! Did you get everything sorted in the end??

    Living in the outback I know how frustrating it is to run out of crafting stuff. Luckily a new shop has set up in Mablethorpe, however they sell cheaper unbranded stuff mostly - no docafts which I love!!

    I considered making all Bronwyn's Christening invites! But after making nearly 50 Christmas cards and doing 4 scrapbooks before christmas I am having a little break and making only necessary cards!! Got 2 mothers day cards to do!!
  • Just about sorted caroline, been stressful as, as these are commissions, I want 100% perfection, which means half of them are in the bin! Will post some piccies of them later in the week, when I am happy that I will be done in time!

    Caroline, I NEVER run out of craft stuff, I own three DOCRAFTS stockists shops, plus we also stock Trimcraft, Sizzix, Crafty Bits and tons more!If you ever need any crafty bits, I would be more than happy to post anything to you! (at discount of course!)

  • Hi Emma
    Just wanted to check how your day was going, have you managed to sort everything out!xx
  • Not really, but getting there!! So proud of these invites, I know I shouldn't say it, but they're pretty stunning, they just take a lot of blinking hard work!!

    Thanks for asking after me Simone, sorry about the rant, it will all fall into place (I hope!)

  • Emma, you must be so patient to do these. I think its wonderful but I wouldn't know where to start!!! Its lovely to get a handmade card, really personal. Def make sure you post a picture so we can all see.
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