Never heard of them but I have used normal blackout roller blinds AND blackout curtains at the same window and it didn't make a tiny bit of difference to dd. Even now she still gets up at 'silly am' ARGH



    I have just looked them up! What a cool idea. It mentions the baby show so maybe if you went and bought one there you would get a decent discount??

    I am definitely going to get one!! Thanks!
  • What a great idea, Jessica has blackout curtains up, but the sun still gets through the sides, will have to buy two of these as her window is 8ft wide!
  • what a fab idea!! we have a street light outside our room - so may have to get one for me lol
  • I saw these advertised too. Think they are wonderful when travelling. We bought black out blinds in Argos And were great for daytime naps and summer evenings/mornings when its light. They also help keep room cool. We used curtains as well and the room was v.dark. They were the cheapest blinds and come in all sorts of colours and sizes. I sound like an advert now!
  • My diy-phobe hubby managed it!! But I think these baa-baa blinds would be good. How much are they? Great if baby goes to stay with grandparents or you are on holiday etc. Sorry what is your baby's name?
  • Maybe JoJo Maman bebe? Lovely name sarah, she is v.cute little girl
  • oh I know a Maia too, beautiful name!

  • I couldnt get the black ou blinds so im using 2 sets of curtains at the mo,will have to invest tho as the sun set riley side of the house and its light all night when he wants to go to bed.
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