FAO Tasha - Easter Eggs!!

I've just had my first half an Easter too!!! It was lovely! I haven't had chocolate for days. Im going to stock up tomorrow at Sainsburys £1.99 each BOGOF!!!!


  • Ohhh well done!! Nicola you should have eaten the whole thing though!!!!
  • ohhhhhhhhh your sooo lucky - I've given chocolate up for Lent and Sam bought me my favourite biccies from M&S which I can't eat as there covered in chocolate - mmmm role on Easter!!
  • Terry wanted half. I did have the cream egg that was in it too. And theres another to go. It was soooo lovely! And with all the running around im doing I will soon work off the extra calories, ha,ha!
  • Oh no!! That is so unfair, will you lot stop talking about easter eggs PLEASE?!!! I won't buy any til much nearer as am determined not to have ANY chocs or sweets while on this diet!!

    Will have to go have another cherry yoghurt now!! lol

  • You have to get them whilst the offers are on...thats my excuse Emma. Then if you run out of room you have to eat one. Simple really!!! Just hope the kids don't find out my guilty secret though!!!
  • Huh!! Just had that yoghurt and all I could think of was Easter eggs!
  • LOL Nicola i totally agree with your way of thinking!!!!! hehe

    Hmmmm do you think i can have an easter egg as a treat if i'm brave at the dentists today??!! x xx
  • Im trying to get the moulds from lakelands as they are doing a set of 2big egg shapes and 36 small ones.
  • wow, making your own easter eggs, what a cool idea, the boys would love that, im going to def look into that!!

    Emma - yes definitely deserves a big easter egg....good luck!!!
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