The Ideal Mothers Day??

So girls, has anyone got any lovely stories of their perfect mothers day or any ideas how you would spend your perfect mothers day, no expense spared!!! Im thinking already....


  • This year will be my first mothers day, not that Hollie is old enough to know. And Ian propably doesnt even know when it is lol.
    But, I would just like to spend the day with my baby girl and be thankful she is healthy. I watched the emmerdale omnibus this weekend and it has really hit home how precious Hollie is. So for me just being with her and watching her smile and giggle will be enough for me.
  • A Lie in, that's all, nothing else, just that - can't be too much to ask can it?!!
  • Just a foot massage and my toe nails painted.
    And to not have to cook dinner!
  • It's going to sound cheesy but i think i've had my perfect mothers day, it was my first one 3 years ago and it was the day we bought Ethan home from the hospital! After trying for him for 2 years (and me just having had a miscarriage the previous mothers day) it was fantastic

    My ideal one nowadays, would be a lie in with no children (or hubby) in the bed, fry up for breakfast, a long bath with a nagazine and a hot choccie then aday somewhere nice with the kids maybe a zoo or theme park then take away and a film!!!

    That's not going to happen though, we have to visit my mother in law!!!! Plus it's Ethans birthday on monday so it's his day really for the family to see him!!!
  • Tasha that is so lovely....I would just like a lie in and maybe an empty ironing basket....I lie in, I feel slightly delirious thinking about it!!!
  • Me too ................. it's so not going to happen!! tasha, I think you're favorit mothers day was mine too, was thrilled that my nephew was home in time!!

  • Ahh Em I think he made everyones day!!!!

    I remeber lying in my hospital bed feeling a bit odd as it was also a year to the day i had been in hospital for my miscarriage when a cheery midwife burst into the room singing happy mothers day, it was lovely!!!!
  • Your all going to get pevved by this but adi does make the effort,he takes riley out of the bedroom and gives him a card and pressie to come and give me,i then get and extra half hour in bed while he makes brekki,he sorts riley out and everything.

    Not sure what's gonna happen this year but like you all a nice lay in would do.
  • Terry does the same though I must admit Emma, hope he's up out of his sickbed by then!!!
  • Ah thats lovely Emma.
  • Lets hope so, so you can have a nice day.
  • Must get off to bed now. Terry has set up the sofa bed opposite me. He is snoring so bad since his op he wakes me and luka!! Good night girls, hope you all get a good sleep!
  • Nite hun hope you get a good sleep.
  • I will in bed on my own, its lovely!!!
  • Nite nite Nicola
  • my ideal day???

    A lie in, someone else to cook dinner or for us to go out for a meal, then a lovely day out at the park watching the kids play,, then once the kids are in bed nookie, chocolate, a good book, and an uninterupted nights sleep.............................

    am i asking for too much??
  • No not much!
    but would you get it that way is the question.
  • highly unlikely!!!
  • Well you can still hope tho.
  • just as karen said, it's my first mother's day being a mummy and so i'm just looking forward to spending it with seif.
    i just can't wait for him to go to school though and come home to me with mother day cards and "i love you mummy" written in sloppy handwriting.
    my mother saved all the cards i did for her and it brings back great memories just to read them again. too bad she passed away, before i could ask her how she really felt being a mummy!
    sorry, don't mean to get too emotional here
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