I woke up at 1am to find my wardrobes shaking and the doors banging and the bed vibrating!!! I panicked for a second but it stopped and everything seemed fine so I went back to sleep! Woke up and thought I had dreamt it.

Just watching GMTV and we were hit by an earthquake!!! The epicentre was about 40 miles away!!!!!


  • Morning Caroline

    I've just read a bit about it on the sky news homepage apparantly it was over 5 on the richter sale! Can't say we felt anything here although i'd have probably slept through it anyway!!!

    Hope you're well other than being rudely awoken in the night!!!
  • Same here Caroline. Both James and I woke and said "What was that?" We thought it must of been an earthquake but wasn't sure. How strange.
  • welcome back caroline.....

    we were woken by earthquakes a few years back too and it was a real scare so i know how you all must have felt. just hope you don't have to go through ater-shocks, the little quakes that come after the earthquake!

    take care and have a good day!
  • wow, hope you got back to sleep ok. Have you got your new bed???
  • Jack was just waking up for his feed about 5 mins before the quake so I was just coming round from my deep sleep. I thought that an 18 wheeler had just gone throug my garden. The bottles and canisters on my dressing table rattled, i could hear the empty bottles rattling aginst the bars of the cot in other room, but my living room doors rattle at an ants fart,they kept going for a minute or so.

    I was petrified. I came down stairs to check on the internet where i should report it. But i couldnt find anything. I ended up phoning my OH in dubai (it was 5am there) he told me that they happen all the time, we just sleep through them. good one mick

    How scary!
  • Turns out we did have it here!!! I told you i'd sleep through it!!!!!!
    Gillan says it was really quite strong and everything shook and doods and draws were rattling!! It didn't disturb me or the kids though!!!
  • We had it near us as well, but i slept through it! Mum said she woke up and the furniture and house were rattling!
  • My dog started to bark which woke us up then within minutes of that the whole house started to shake. The noise was amazing and quite loud but it didn't wake the kids up and me and hubs just went back to sleep.5.2 is quite big for britain and i'm not to far from the epicentre.
  • Just you lot then,we didnt get anything here.
  • Adam was woken by it and told me there had been an earthquake and apparently my response was, 'how nice!!'
    Definately deep asleep!

    The Dudly one 5years ago was only 3miles from where we live, so I know what it was like for you Caroline!

  • Nothing down South either
  • Just realised sarah your not realy that far from me,where abouts in kent.
  • we had it here too, but we didnt feel it, but it was in the area, as the ladies at tumbletots who live streets away were cahhtting about it. just cant believe we slept throguh it. like you say Boo, if the girls had een whimpered, id have heard it!!

    hpe all are ok
    kas xx
  • We got woken by it too! I heard a bang as something fell so sent dh to investigate as I was half asleep. We blamed it on the cats until we heard the news this morning
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