Ok well i am off on holiday tomorrow and i was really looking forward to it untill last night!
Went over my mums with Jessica and she had a huge crying fit and i had to bring her home, think she was over tired and had trapped wind!

Any way phoned mum when Jessica was in bed and she said do you think we should cancel the holiday as she is worried Jessica will be unhappy for the week!

What do you all think, are we just worrying as we have never done this before!


  • Ooops meant to say Tomorrow!
  • Don't cancel the holiday Simone!!!! Jessica will be fine. If you are at all worried about her, go and get her checked over by docs today so you know she isn't coming down with anything? Im sure she will be ok, what do your instincts say? She might be picking up on the stress/excitment of it all and they are too little to express themselves. You will have a wonderful week in the sun im sure!
  • Thanks Nicola, i took her to the doctors on friday as she has had a cold and everything was ok with her!
    I just don't want a week of her not sleeping as she is not in her own cot!

    Im prob worrying about nothing and will be fine once we get there!
  • Hi Simone. My gut reaction is to NOT cancel the holiday. Kids can be affected by anything and nothing, Jessica may well just have picked up on the upheaval that is packing (and the stress that goes wtih trying to not forget anything for a little one!) or she may just have been tired. If she had been throwing up everywhere and had a raging fever, then yes, consider it, but she wasn't. Pack lots of sachets of Calpol and/or Calprofen in case and you should be fine.

    I would however, say to be ready for her not to sleep very well in a strange place. Bon was very hit and miss with his sleeping when we took him to Bali aged a year and two months, he wanted to be in with us and then in the cot and then in with us.... and I got very little sleep, but he napped twice a day for a couple of hours and that gave me time to relax. A change of scenery will do you wonders, so HAVE A GREAT TIME!!!
  • I don't think that you should cancel your holiday Simone. I too get separation anxiety when I leave Seif with someone, but he survives it and forgets quite fast.
    You deserve a break, so go and have fun and I'm sure that Jessica will have her own share of fun too.
  • Hi Simone, she may not sleep so well, but then again, she will probably be worn out by the new experiences, the warm sunshine and the swimming so may well surprise you. We went to greece when Tate was 8months old. It was hard work in the day sometimes, as he would only sleep in his cot for naps, and we wanted to be out by the pool! So had to take it in shifts. It cetainly wasn't a relaxing holiday, but it was great fun. We used to bath him at night exactly same as at home, then put him in clean clothes or just a vest it was He would then have his bedtime bottle in the buggy whilst we walked to the restaurant in the evening. 9/10 he was asleep by the time we got there and remained asleep til we got back home and lifted him into his cot and still was asleep! It was lovely! We wouldn't be able to do that now with him. Hope your packing is going well. Im sure they cater quite well for babies over there. Just make sure you have the necessities. You will have a wonderful time, im v.envious xx
  • Hi Simone,

    Please don't cancel, i'm sure all will be well. We had a nightmare with Charl, she cried in the queue of the security bit at the airport, wouldn't settle at the airport and was unsettled on the flight. I thought what have we done? If we could have I would of turned round but i am so glad we didn't. Charl really enjoyed the holiday, she played in the sand on the beach, went in the sea or the pool depending what we were doing. She was happy to 'chillout' in the puschchair while we walked to places, we even ate out once!! By the time it was bed time she was soooo shattered she would have slept anywhere, and Charlotte was always funny about not being in her bed, but there it didn't seem to matter.

    You are bound to be nervous about going as you haven't done it before so you are unsure about things, but if you get past the first few hurdles of getting there then things i'm sure will be fab.

    Have a safe trip, Zoe xx
  • Thanks everyone, im sure it will all be fine, might need a holiday to get over the holiday though!lol

    Might not get on before i go, as me and Tony are spending the evening together!

    So i will see you when i get back xx
  • Have a wonderful time, I'm sure Jessica will have a ball!!

    take care
  • Sure she will be fine when you get there,is prob just nerves as sure she must no somethings oging on(maybe think your leaving her with nan while you go away)
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