Hows it Going Sally?

Hi Sally, How was yesterday? Hope you are doing ok, not long now, hubby home tomorrow night? Im having a nightmare few days if its any consolation. Just exhausted, and now I have to take Tate to this swimming lesson! No rest for the wicked eh


  • Well i'm actually surprising my self.

    Yesterday I visited with my SIL and didnt leave there till 6.30pm. The twins were screeming their heads off, and milly was also showing signs that she was sleepy. I managed to get home and the everyone in bed before 7pm. Everyone changed and re-dressed, and bottles in mouth within 15 mins.

    I chatted with mick on msn till about 8.30 when he was trying to go to sleep. He's not enjoying it as much as he thought he would. He hated the traffic in India and he says as the population is 80% Indian, its exactly the same, but in faster cars. It really was manick, but anyting over 30 mph felt like F1 racing. The job isnt as thrilling as he thought it would be. The call centre he would be running is already doing better than he'd expected. He also says that we need to go out together before he makes a descision.

    I was in bed by 10.30pm then woken up 5 mins before the earthquake. Milly and Nina both slept throu it, Jack was already awake. I fed jack then tryed to sort myself out. NIGHTMARE. It triggered off loads of really vivid dreams.

    Anyway I have Homestart visiting today to tell me how they can help out.

    Looks like the move to Dubai may be put on hold.
  • Great you had a good day yesterday and you are coping well by the sounds of things!!

    I guess you all need more of a think about Dubai, and glad he thinks you both need a trip out their together, as that would be essential as its such a big move for you as you would be at home all day with the kids so need to be happy about it 100%.

    Hope Homestart can help you out also, thats great.
  • Hi sally, I just wanted to say hello too i'm glad you're doing so well, well done!!! I think it's great too that you'll visit Dubai as well if you think a move there really is on the cards. I hope you're having a good day x

    Nicola, how are you? I hope you're feeling a bit more refreshed and having a good day, take care x x x
  • Thanks Tasha,
    Im still standing!! The HV said I look v.well for having no sleep!? Have you had a good day?
  • Hiya, i'm glad you're ok but sorry you're so exhausted, like the advice we all gave Sally forget the housework andwhen the kids are in bed tonight, relax (on here)!!! and have some time to yourself!

    My other halfs got a bug so is off work today, boy do men make bad patients he's been in bed all day and has hardly come down yet whe n i had a bug when Amber was 6 weeks old i had to cope with both kids and breastfeeding!!!!

    We've had a lovely day though, i got the kids out of Gillans way and we went to tots, Amber really loves it there now as she's able to crawl off and explore, she also took a few steps in front of everyone so i was very chuffed!!! I fed her there today for the first time and everyone was so lovely and delighted to see her doing so well it made me quite emotional!!! I've just cooked her some more pear up and this time saved the water to give to her as juice, she loved it as its the first time she's ever had flavoured water, what a treat!!!!

    Right, will stop waffling now! Hope you have a nice evening x x x x
  • Hi all.

    Sounds like your all ahving fun then.

    Sally,glad your feeling better and seem to be well on top of things,good for you.Hope it continues to go that way for you.
  • thats geat tasha. you are right to be proud of her shes a little star! Terrys actually making dinner so things are looking up, think he feels sorry for me instead of himself!!!
  • Hi Sally, glad your week is going ok! Where abouts do you live now?

    Tasha - so happy about Amber bet shes impressing everyone with the pear and potato!!

    Nicola - Hope you manage to catch up on some sleep
  • Hi sally, what did homestart say? Hope they can help you out and well done, it sounds like you're coping really well x x
  • Hi all

    Well home start have a voluteer ready to put with me already. I will be meeting her on monday. She would only really be coming 3-4 hours a week, any more would be up to both of us. Apparently, she was helping another family out with twins and basically she went round to help with bath time.

    Sarahb - Im currently in a town called Retford, in Nottinghamshire.

    Micks home tonight so we'll see what happens, eh girls!!!

    Enjoy your evening.

  • Sally you should be so pleased with yourself you have done an amazing job with the twins and milly by yourself. And great news about Homestart thats something. I hope you have a lovely time at the babyshow and a great mothers day!! Take care xx
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