Birthday cake recipes??!!

Hi Girls! I need to pick your brains!! I'm making Ambers birthday cake for the party next friday, i'm hiring a number 1 tin so it's not too tricky! But i have no idea what sort of cake i should make! Do i just make a simple sponge or would that be too dry as i can't make it into a vitoria sponge i really have no idea, i only know how to decorate it (!) so any suggestions would be much appreciated!!

By the way i haven't forgotten Ethans cake! We're making a big chocolate cake and covering it in colourful sweets and i'll make some 3's shooting out of it!!!!

Thanks in advance xx



    Complete recipe book, should be on the net, i think it's called simple victoria sponge.
    Phoebes Mum made it for Williams cake, then we made it for the fairy cakes, it's such a light recipe and not at all dry!

    If you haven't got recipe, I can send it with Mum on Friday!

  • For medium madeira sponge.
    *250g(8oz)soft marge/butter
    *250g(8oz)caster sugar
    *4 eggs
    *2tbsp milk
    *300g(10oz)self raising flour
    *2tsp vanilla extract.

    160oc/140oc fan/325of/gas 3
    Mix butter and sugar till fluffy.
    Mix eggs and milk seperatly
    Then mix together,then add the flour.
    Bake for 45mins or till golden and set(check with knife)

    Its the only one i have apart from fairy cake ones.
  • No Boo, theres no chance of her being able to eat any of it anyway
    but i'm making flowers for the top of it and i'll put them away safe for her
  • I'm afraid that I'm not much use here tasha, but I'm sure that the party will turn out to be a blast. Please post her pictures.
    Where have you been lately? Haven't heard much from you...
    By the way, was Amber on the cover of pp lately. I was looking through my old magazines and there was a baby on the one of the covers that looked just like her.
  • Thanks Emma and Em, if you could send the recipe em that would be great, not sure whether that or the madeira cake would be best i'll have a think on it!!

    Hello Samiha, nice to hear from you, i've still been on quite a bit but maybe not my usual amount!!! I've been struggling with toothache in the evenings so been having early nights! I'm on the mend now though. It wasn't amber on the cover, would have been fab if it was though!!!
    How are you all? Is the weather sunny in Cairo??!! x x x x
  • I remember carefully making a teddy bear cake for Toms 1st bday. He put his hand straight in it as we were in the last strains of "Happy Birthday to You..." Narrowly missing the '1' candle!!!

    We also made a great one for his 6th bday the first bday that Terry and I were together for. it was TOM with the middle of the 'o' filled up with about 20 packets of smarties! He loved that one. His stepmum made a great peter pan for his 5th bday. I love thinking back on all the cakes!

    Terry made (well he is a chef after all!) Big chocolate 1 for Tate's 1st he just had a chococlate caterpillar from sainsburys for his second. I had been struggling for weeks to find someone to make a scoop (bob the builder) or Thomas tank engine. You can now get Thomas cake in Sainsbury...aaargh.

    Sorry just having a little reminisce to myself!!!!
  • sorry to hear about your toothaches.... i hate having them, they really make you cranky.
    it's getting warmer everyday in cairo now, the temperature today was 18 degrees celcius. winter is more or less over.... but we are all dreading march, as that is when cairo suffers the worst sandstorms... somedays the sand is flying everywhere that the air is practically yellow, and the dust inside the houses is terrible no matter how hard you clean. it's also very boring for children, as we tend to keep them indoors as much as we can because you get sand in your eyes, mouth, ears, just everywhere and they can't deal with it. but we are so used to dealing with it now, just like you and the snow i guess!
    sorry to ask, but is amber lactose intolerant? is that why your making her a special cake...
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