Hello ladies, what are you all up to?

Hi Girls,

I'm waiting in for an engineer to service the boiler. I was told between 8-1, no sign yet.

How are you?

Zoe xx


  • Hi Zoe,
    Just waiting for Tesco to deliver the shopping. 10-12 slot but nothing so far.
    And when He does get here will have to give him the bad news that he needs to bring it into the kitchen for me!!!! I'm sure that will go down like a lead balloon.!!
    Not doing anything at all today as I did lots of H/W yesterday and think I went too far as I had some pain after.
    What do you have planned once your boiler is done?
  • Hi Lucy,

    Once the boiler has been serviced I'm going to get on with the housework and leave myself free for a day or two.

    Charl has been playing outside with the dogs this morning but has come in for ITNG!! Such devotion!!

    I'm sure the Tesco man will be ok once you explain. If not we'll gang up on him!! Please look after yourself, do a little at a time and you will be ok.

    Take care, Zoe xx
  • Hi girls.

    Yeah, lucy like zoe said dont do to much,sounds like you did way to much h/w yesterday.

    I had a laproscopy! was told to take it easy for a week then i could get back to normal duties,but still felt awfal for 2wks before i was proper running around doing things.
  • Hi Zoe,
    Thought it was just a little bit.
    Some washing/drying/iorning and cleaned the kitchen and made a shepherds pie and a chilli con carne.
    I feel so guilty doing nothing.

    We have had ITNG on since 10 ish and I'm sure by the time the boys get home at around 5.30 we will have watched every episode about 1000 times !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I think I had ITNG withdrawal symptoms in hospital.

    Oh I managed to order Katelin the same gilet as Charl. Its being despatched today so may be here tomorrow or Sat!!Yipee
    Hope you are around lots taday, could do with a good chitchat!
  • Emma, my sister is due to have one of those soon.
    Not nice.
    Do they put you completely out for it?
  • I'll log on to msn now for you.
  • Lucy,
    Yeah they do,i was glad of the small sleep to.Hated the not eating for about 7hrs tho.
  • Not sure that will bother my sister. She eats like a bird.Unlike me!!!!hehe
  • lol.
    my appt was early morning but when i gor there my op was not till the afternoon and it didnt help when they serve lunch to the people who had already had their op's done.
    Never mind,hope she recovers quick.
  • Hi Girls! Not been on at all this morning (shocking) as Gillans quite poorly with a stomach bug so i'm flat out looking after the kids. Took Amber to music class this morining and even managed a quick costa coffee!! Ethans at playgroup now so Amber and i are having some peace! Will be popping on and off whilst donig the house if anyones around to chat??!! x x x
  • Hi,

    The boiler man came at 12 and went after 45 mins. All is ok thank goodness.

    Charl is eating lunch, I've just had mine so pottering about. Want to keep myself free for tomorrow to spend some time with Lots (Charl).

    Tasha, I hope you and the kids don't get the bug off Gillan, but I hope he's ok.

  • Glad your boilers sorted!
    Ambers just having her bottle so i'm having a break! I so hope none of us get the bug as we have a special weekend planned plus its Ethans birthday on monday so would be a bit of a disaster!
    Ambers just had 4 cubes of potato for lunch and wolfed the lot down, it's fantastic!!
    How are your 2? I hope Jacks doing ok now
  • Hi Tasha,

    Wow!! Go Amber! That is fab, I really do hope you are turning a corner with this.

    Charl is fast asleep so i'm taking a break from the housework. I've tidied Jack's room, done the pots, on my third load in the washer just need to tackle the ironing.

    Jack is ok thanks, the eye doesn't look too bad now. It hasn't coloured how I thought it would so at a glance you wouldn't notice.

    Are you doing anything on Monday for Ethan or just waiting until the party?
  • LOL Nigel has just come home from work after getting his diary mixed up.
    He went to London this morning and phoned the bank manager who was going to the meeting with him to see where he was and the guy said 'No its tomorrow'. Nigel checked and it was. only he had got all the way to Waterloo.
    So had to get straight back on the train again.
    And they say its just women that lose brain cells when they have children!!!!
  • Wow Zoe, you've been busy!!!
    I've done one load of washing the washing up, done Amber bottles and swept the floor now i'm sitting down with choccies biscuits and a cup of tea!!!

    Ambers playing happily on the floor enjoying not being jumped on by Ethan!! I really think we're getting there with her eating now although her diet will be limited for some time, at least life's beginning to feel a bit normal, rushing home in time to give her lunch, i love it!!! We're giving her cauliflower on sunday and i'm hoping at their party she can have her first 2 course dinner with pear for pudding!!!

    Gillans taking a half day on monday but splitting it in 2 so he'll work 11 - 4! My mum and i are then taking the kids to pizza hut (ethans fave place) and meeting Emj and hellokitty!!!! So it should be a really nice day!

    I'm glad Jacks doing well and the eye's not too bad x x x
  • Oh that's funny Lucy!! I hope you really tease him for that!!
    Did the tesco man help you with your shopping??!!
    I hope you're taking t easy today! x x x
  • Lucy,

    That has made me smile. Reassurring to know though that daddy brain exists too!!
  • afternoon girls,

    Had a busy morning went to toddler group first thing, then into town to buy my mum birthday presents. Luka fell asleep in the buggy but Tate just wanted to go in the shops he wanted and look at toys, so bit of a mad dash around!! Im just having a catch up with you guys with Luka on my lap then got to do my ironing before I go to school...only got 45mins so best hurry up!!!

    Zoe, what happened to Jacks eye??? I must have missed something??
  • I cant tease him. He's been running around like a headless chicken looking after the kids and doing the school runs then picking the boys up from my friends.Bathing Katelin and putting her to bed. All that and he still manages to start work at 6am. Hardly any wonder he's snoring on the sofa by 9pm
    He's done well.

    Tasha, sorry to hear Gillans feeling pants. Hope he's better soon.

    Zoe, yippee M&S just delivered Katelins Gilet and her tracksuit. Its lovely I'm so pleased with it. Think she is too as she has it on now.
  • Lucy that's great. I must admit both me and Charl love it, she wears it whenever she can. It's a good buy.

    Nicola, you've not missed anything I didn't post it, we were chatting on msn. Jack came home from school on monday with a split lip and black eye. I was mortified as he wasn't fighting but got caught up in one and he was the worst injured!! The boys mum's who were fighting were called in and told but neither of them have asked how he is which I'm a little annoyed with but don't want agro outside the gates so biting my tongue!
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