HAPPY ANNIVERSARY for tomorrow tash and gillan!!

Hi Tasha and Gillan,
just wanted to wish you both a happy anniversary for tomorrow. I really hope you have a lovely day out, and everyone is well for the weekend!!

have a fab time guys
lots of love,
kas, niamh and tara xxx


  • Tasha and Gillan,

    Wishing you a Happy Anniversary for tomorrow.

    Fingers crossed all the family are ok to do something special.

    Lots of love, Zoe, Jack and Charlotte xxx
  • Ahhh thankyou girls!!

    Gillan is much better but but still a bit delicate so we'll decide about the zoo in the morning, if not we'll do it on sunday before visiting his mum. We're meant to be having our first night out together for 2 years tomorrow night and my parents are babysitting, Gillans already tried to make excuses about not going (nervous to leasve the kids i think) so i've told him the alternative is dinner at home with my mum and dad. he soon agreed to go!!!!!

    Thankyou for the thought Kas x x x
  • Happy Anniversary!!

    Hope you have a lovely day, and that Gillan spoils you Tasha!!! If not, I'll deal with him for you!!!!

    GOD!! Five years, i can't believe it!! Have a fab time Tash x x x x x
  • Happy anniversary Tasha & Gillan

    Hope you have a lovely day and evening meal.

    Emma & Riley
  • Happy Anniversary to you both. Hope you are all well and can have a lovely day together, then a lovely evening as Tasha and Gillan not mummy and daddy!!!

    As its a leap year I considered proposing today....then thought again!!!
  • Ahh why was that nicola.
  • Oh wow Nicola!! How come you didn't? I hope Terry does it soon then!!!! xxx
  • well I just thought, how on earth do I do it??? Its not like you have a ring. And then where do we go from here? We cannot afford a wedding right now, and I don't want to say 'hey lets get married' then nothing happens as im too impatient!!! I would be happy with a low-key wedding but Terry wants the big day!!
  • Oh i think thats fab he wants a big day! ours was big and gillan was really into it choosing things with me!!!
    It sounds like you held off for the right reasons and i hope it happens for you soon xxxx
  • Tasha and Gillan hope you both have a fab anniversary and have a fab meal out being just Tasha and Gillan.

  • Happy Anniversary to the both of you. Have a brilliant day and enjoy your night as a couple and not mum and dad.
  • Happy Anniversary tasha & gillan....

    hope you get more ethans and ambers very soon. they are really adorable

  • God Samiha!! I don't!! being her twin, I felt a bit more of her pregnancy than I care for thank you very much!!!! lol

    p.s they are very adorable though!!!
  • Thanks again everyone!

    Gillan surprised me yesterday with 2 dozen roses bless him!!! (long overdue i reckon) i was delighted!

    We managed to get to the Zoo as Gillan wasn't too bad and had a really lovely time, Amber adored the monkeys and Ethan adored everything!!!

    Unfortunately it really took it out of Gillan as he hasn't been able to eat since tuesday and is now exhaustedso we're not going to make it out tonight My parents are still coming and bringing dinner with them so i think we'll get a film from sky box office and hopefully all havea nice evening!

    Hope you've all had a good day too!
  • At least you all had a fabby day, thats great!! Maybe you can go out next week? Im so looking forward to a night out that Terry is now on the mend xxx
  • ahh, tash, im so pleased you managed to get out to the zoo.
    sounds like this evening will be fun too!! you still get dinner made for you, fab!!

    hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend
    kas xx
  • Morning girls!

    I just have to tell you about the present Gillan surprised me with yesterday evening, as some of you know 4 years ago around this time i had a missed miscariage, i went for my 12 week scan and discovered the baby had died at 6 weeks. It was our first baby and we had been trying for 10 months. I had to carry the baby for another week before the hospital could induce a miscarriage. Once it was over we decided to buy a rose plant in memory of our baby andwe found one called 'sweet dreams' it was perfect!!! It blossomed beautifully that first year and was a great help but unfortunately we haven't taken enough care of it ( being busy with kids hasn't helped but that adds to the guilt) and it's not flowered for a few years.

    Gillan came home yesterday with another 'sweet dreams' rose bush i was so surprised and burst into tears, so did he! We're gonig to repot the old plant today and have a matching pot for the new one and hopefully they will both flower beautifullt this year It meant the world to me that Gillan hadn't forgotten the little baby we lost as it's not something he ever mentions and i love it that this year we have remembered the baby

    Sorry to waffle!! xxxx
  • Tasha, that made me cry!!! How lovely, I am sure they will both flower beautifully xxxxx
  • Ahh tasha ive got tears in my eye,its so lovely to hear that,i dont think he forgot its harder for men to show their true feelings.
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