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g/c but come to ask your infinite wisdom and advice!

I have just (3 weeks ago) had my second boy. I am sat here looking at all the gazillions of LOVELY toys we have for my first boy and wondering what on EARTH I will ever by for my 2nd's birthdays/christmas' etc as there is no space for anymore anyway and not really anything else he could need!

So what on earth did you do?? I am already considering wrapping up things we already have for his first Christmas as he will know no different and it will save us a fortune but is that terrible????!



  • I know what you mean. With 5 kids and 3 of them 6 and under it is a constant strain to keep toys from taking over the house.
    I tend to get rellies etc to buy them clothes and then we buy them the toy/toys they want/need. You will find things like ride on toys, puzzles, colour books always need replacing. Nice sets for eating like placemats, bowls etc are a nice pressie too.

    d xx
  • I think you just have to be a bit creative...! We've got 4 children and you just have to be honest with people and say you don't have room, let alone it being a waste if people get duplicate toys!
    Clothes are a good idea, most of my family tend to stick with that. One set of grandparents buy them their new winter coats and dressing gowns every year, so we know that is always taken care of!
    Last Christmas I asked all my brothers and sisters (their aunts & uncle) to club together and buy the childre na big sandpit for out in the garden for them to share, another year they all put their money together and bought them a big garden slide.
    Think of any "sets" of toys they may end up having, eg my son has his train set and keeps all the stuff in a box, so a couple more trains won't over-run the house, the same with my daughters pony sets, they are all kept together so a couple more ponies to go with it won't take up more room!
    We do pass down a lot of our toys, as when things are in good condition there is no point in giving them to the charity shop only to buy the same thing for the next child! But at the same time I do want my younger ones to have new things of their own.
    As I've got 3 girls, I've always bought them their first dolls pram new, my eldest had grown out of hers, so I gave it away and did buy a new one for dd2, so she did have something special and new and not just passed down!
    It is hard, but you just have to think about things carefully! xxx
  • I agree with cazzywoo, its amaizing how much you can pass down through your family tied up with a new ribbon lol lol but I too also make a point of getting them each something new, something the others havent has before but its not always expencive of huge, they still appreciate the little things aswell as the "second hand stuff,
    goodness only knows why my kids choose things they want to play with as they play others toys more than their own its just something that cracks me up. they choose a nice thing they want for bday or xmas and then end up playing or swapping with the others lol

    I would say yes re-wrap some of the lovely toys he has already had..maybe the ones he hasnt played with for a while so they do seem new!!!!even take a few and put them away so they really are out of sight out of mind!!

    why waste money if you dont have to!!
  • my ds1 asked if he could wrap up his mickey mouse club house for lucas 2cnd birthday as he had outgrown it an d luca adores mickey mouse image was lovely watching luca 1 realise he had the clubhouse and didnt have to pull chaz up to bedroom to play with it.

    2 sooo cute when he realised his big brother had given him his clubhouse!!!

    so cute am going to blub thinking about it!!!!!

    i reuse what i can, my baby sisters are all in their teens now so maisey is over run with second hand dollys, ponies etc and anyhting she has doubles of i offer to friends and if not donate it to the league of friends of my local scbu they hold a summer bootfair and if they can get a few extra pennies for sick babies then great image my friend donates hers to a womens shelter as lots of women and their babies have to leave violent homes with just what they can carry so nice toys etc are always welcome. xxx
  • Thanks ladies, as always some great advice from you lot. I'm sure I'll be back for more!
  • aaww lolly that is sooooo sweet! xx
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