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been neglecting you ALL!


ive not been around for a bit study study study etc image sooo am here to catch up with my lovely large families ladies!!!!

Babs hows the uniform buying going? blinking expensive this year just for my ds1 so can imagine urs is blinking steep!!!!

elaine how is baby girl????? how you feeling now are have they fixed everything???

sugar n spice how are you my bumpalicious buddy lol? hows ur hips has spd been kind n left u alone???

Hayley how is all with issac?? we are having no end of fun as my brothers school has decided they cant care for him and county want to send him to a behavioural unit grrrrgh not sure they understand brain injuries v well!!!

dee dee hows it going chick?

urrrmnnnn hope thats everyone , sorry if i have missed anyone but am one sleep deprived lolly at the moment! 2 months till course ends though and i can kick back a bit image xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

anyway huge hugs to all



  • Hi Lolly, I have been reading your updates on fb, sounds like you are doing great with your studies.
    Isaac is doing ok for the moment, we saw OT a couple of weeks ago and got further with them in 45 mins than we have with anyone else in the last 2 years, they said he has visual and auditory processing disorders as well as tactile defensiveness, also hypermobility throughout his body with poor muscle tone and weak core stability. I had a really good chat with them, they are going to get a stair rail fitted at his height at home to help him with the stairs and refer him for a major buggy (was a bit gutted about that tbh) They said that they cant diagnose, that is down to the paed, but alot of his behaviour traits are consistant with an ASD, they are coming to see him at nursery and at home in the next 6 weeks, finally we feel like someone is listening to us at last.

    I have finished my course and passed, so I applied for a job and got it!!!!!! Yaaaaaay my first job interview in 21 years, I thought I had totally messed up but obviously I did better than I thought, I start 1 Sept at a primary school, just 16 hours a week which is perfect for now.

    Keep on with the study, I love reading you fb status' they have me in stitches xxxx
  • YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! ohh so pleased everything is going well! im still writing about sperm lmao! having a major wobble driving wise though image

    im glad my madness entertains someone lol xxx
  • Totally understand about the driving wobble. I didnt learn until I was 35, it was a case of having to, Phil had just been diagnosed with his tumour and because of that and the seizures he had his licence revoked so I had to learn, I hated every second of it but eventually thanks to a very patient and understanding instructor I actually started to enjoy it, I was having 2 double lessons a week which I think helped. I passed my test 4 months after starting lessons, several tears and conversations about never wanting to do it, now I love it, I love the freedom it gives me and the amazing opportunities it has opened up, I would never have gone for the job I got if I couldnt drive as it is too far away. Stick at it and you will get there, when you do yo will wonder how you ever managed without it.
  • hi hun I havnt been on much lately either. Things been hectic here.

    Emily is fine and practically goes through the night. Shame I cant say the same for Tyler eh?? I am all better (touch wood) Go my AF so feeling pretty miserable.

    Wow only 2m till your course ends! How fast has that gone! Whats up with the driving wobble hun? How are your brood? xxxx
  • i just hate driving, get soo scared image!
    one year till i start uni yaaaay, kids are good thanks hun, getting ready to go back to school! soon just be me and luca at home during the week. glad your feeling better hun and Emily is settling well xxx
  • Hi Lolly, glad I've seen this. I was thinking I really needed to come on here and do a 'catch up' post!
    I've been so busy keeping the girls entertained I've had to just read and run mostly. Really don't want them to go back to school and playschool image I've loved having them at home soooooooooo much!!! They've been getting on so well and we've had so much fun seeing friends, going for days out and just spending time together. We've just got back from a week away in Suffolk and it was lovely to spend some time with Dave too. He has this week off as well so we've got lots planned to really make the most of the last week Molly has off school.

    Can't believe you have just 2 months left now hun! That's gone so quick! SPD is'nt too bad, I just have to stick to my limits as much as I can! I have good days and bad days but mostly they have been good! image
    And don't worry about the driving hun, I was very scared too and I passed on my 4th attempt in the end! Keep with it, I'm still counting on you to be coming up in Dec!!! I know you can do it!!!image x x x x
    Hayley huge congrats on your new job hun! And glad someone is finally listening to you about Issac!!! Bout bloody time! x x x x
    Elaine glad Emily is almost sleeping through already hun! Fantastic news! And glad your all healed now image Don't start getting broody on us just yet! lol! x x x x
    Sarah, Now 24+5!!! x x x
  • lol, im 27!!!!!!!!!!!! officially a old lady according to chaz! image
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