Congratulations Lucy, you did it!!

Yeah , my mag has just arrived and you are the WUOTM so many congratulations to you.

Zoe xx


  • mines arrived too!!
    Congratulations Lucy!! you deserve it lol.

    take care and hope you are doing well

    kas xx
  • mine didn't arrive this v.sad now xx
  • Congratulations Lucy!!!! xxx
  • Ah thanks Zoe, Kas and Karen.
    My mag has'nt arrived yet so the first I knew about it was when Zoe told me I'd won.
    I'm so chuffed to be a fully paid up member now of the 1000 club and the WUOTM club.
    I would say that I need to get out more, but cant at the moment, so never mind.
  • Congrats lucy.

    Im of out to get mine tomorrow,so will have a good read then.look forward to seeing it now.
  • Thanks Emma.

    Hows Riley feeling now?
  • His doing much better thank you, but i rung the G.P. today and she had done the forms up for me to take in a sample to get it checked as his had this for a week now.I havent been sending him to nusery coz of it and also he gets tired rather quick at the mo,his just woken from a 2hr sleep.

    Thanks]for asking.
    How your lot going!
  • Ah bless him its really taken its toll on him.
    Is he eating or drinking at all yet?

    Mine are all fine thanks. Looking forward to bed time hehehe
  • poor Riley, sending him a big hug...And congratualtions Lucy! I had an email saying they are going to choose me for next issue in May!! I was sooo excited. But I must get out more too! x
  • Yes lucy his drinkg plenty of water and juice and eating little and often,just made his dinner of chips burger and spaghetti hoops which he loves so we see how he gets on with this.

    Ahh thanks nicola,riley sends a kiss

    Off for some early grub,back soon.
  • I'm buying mine tomorrow so I will look out for you!

    I tried to stop on my way home to buy my copy of PP but couldn't park so will have to buy it tomorrow x
  • Congraulations Lucy!!

    Going to make you all jealous now, mine arrived on saturday!!!!
  • saturday!!! You must be the PP favourite then Caroline!!! Ha,ha xxx
  • LOL shes the councilor for PP Anonymous lol
  • Hehe! i like that.
  • Emma, glad Riley is on the mend now.
    Hope you and Adi dont get it. Fingers crossed
  • Im a tough cookie(touch wood)adis the one to watch as the last time he caught a bug like that(this time last year infact)he ended up in hosprtal after having a heartattack,2 in total.His now got terrible cough and blocked nose so we are being v.careful as his been getting pin an needles in his left arm.His of to the Dr's aswell tomorrow.

    Oh his only 26.
  • Omg Emma. Gosh how young! Hope he's ok. will keep my fingers crossed.
  • Congrats Lucy!!

    Was at Tasha's today when she got her copy, so was nice to see you in there!!!

    Do you think you'll get your prize in time for summer?!!! lol
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