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SnS, hows the wedding.....

plans coming along?

Have you decided on anything yet?, date, dress, rings.....have you been looking or are you waiting till after xmas....Sorry so nosey of me lol!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  • Hi hun, thanks for thinking of me. We have a date set now. July 10th nxt year and have booked the church and reception. I think thats as far as I will get b4 xmas, lol! Started writting a list of everyone we want to invite and might book the DJ soon too. I've started looking at dresses but I will prob wait til after xmas so I know exactly how much money we can spend in everything.
    How are you hun? x x x
  • oooh the 10th July, it will go so quick !! Theres always loadsa dresses in the sale come Jan/Feb so you could grab yourself a bargin and spend the rest on sexy wedding night undies lol (ready for the ttc bit lol!)

    I am fine-ish ta, been a tough week so far BUT on a good note, I saw the midwife today and sprout is doing fine, had the dreaded bloods taken-ouch why do I always end up with the trainees doing my bloods lol!(I know they need to learn but I always seem to get the ones that has shaky hands!!!)
    I have Nannys funeral next Tuesday, not looking forward to it but its got to be done. Kids spending a rare night at my mums on the monday night so We will be home alone....whatever will we do???lol!

    Other than the usual pre-xmas hectic days next week, school plays, cake sales and xmas light switch ons I wont have much time to stop lol!!

    Roll on last day of term is all I say lol!

    Hope you are ok too xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • ooooooooooooooooohhh how exciting!!! xxxx
  • I think I'm more scared than excited , lol!! Dave wants to invite far too many people! I will prob start to feel more excited after xmas. Right now all I can think about is nativity plays plus outfits, xmas partys, bdays partys, xmas pressies, whats going on at xmas? lol! The list is endless is'nt it? My mind hates thinking about too many things at once!! On top of that I went a bit mad today and decided today is the day we will start the DIY!! Not a good plan but hey, it's started now so will give me the push to get the hell on with it!
    Sorry you got a dodgy nurse taking your bloods hun, I always seem to get em too. I remember actually saying the Fword once when I was preggers with Charlie, It hurt that much when the needle went in image Grrrr!
    Good luck with the funeral Monday, hope it all goes well. And don't forget to make the most of not having the kids around (if you have the energy left) wink wink image x x x x x
    Mummy Mog, thanx for the tip about photographer. I will make that nxt thing on the list. And yes hopefully I will find the dress of my dreams in the January sales. Fingers crossed! x x x
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