Nick names(sorry)

Its coz of lucy im doing this but it could turn out quite fun.
Well we all know lucy is muppet.

As kid my mum nick named my eldest sister muppet,my younger sister pickles

and im dilliweed(dont no why).


  • Terry was called Pickle!!!

    He calls me little nicky...don't know why??
  • We call jack 'Bud',
    Charlotte is 'Lots'
    My dad calls me Zo-zo always has done and always will!!
    James calls me ducky which Jack thinks is funny!!!

    Come on the rest of you, we all have them!!
  • Well thats me for the night,wanna get an early one,will pop back tomorrow and wanna see you have all put yours here.

    Chat soon nite nite
  • Oh school they called me 'Emma Egghead' can't remember why, but Tash, who I always referred to as 'Nuts' again cant remember why, always loves to remind me of it!!!
  • my family and friends only call me sima... my husband prefers samiha though... and litle seif is called lino at home
  • erm... it's becauase you used to scrape your fringe back really tight and your forhead looked like an egg!!!!! (sorry):o

    My nickname was nutmeg i think simply because it starts with the same letter as natasha and em just shortened it!

    Gillans nickname at school was Buff!!!
  • Shall I tell them the other one for you then Tash? Tissue.......................?!!!
  • EmJ don't you dare!!!!!!
  • Now now ladies this was ment to be fun not a family
  • Good Post Emma,
    Daniel is weazle
    Aaron is beady
    Katelin is babycake or special egg.

    Does Riley have one?
  • My mum called him pigglet as he was always a hungry baby.
    Adi always calls him dude tho.

    Jusr recently tho his been calling himself riley butterfly.
  • Ah one to remind him of when he brings his first girlfriend home then, Emma!
  • Em, spill the beans on Tasha!!!!

    My dad always called me smurf, not sure why!! Could be because I am short!!

    My mate simon calls me auntie cackle as i cackle rather than laugh!!
  • Oh caroline.

    A girl that adi went to school with was called tissue tits.
  • Thats made me laugh emma!!! i remember at primary school being called Knickerbocker Glory!!!
  • Oh No, that's the name EmJ was referring too!!! Tasha Tissue Tits!!!!

    i've certainly made up for it now though!!!!
  • LOL Tasha,
    Would that have anything to do with trying to pad your bra out by any chance???
  • Yes Yes Yes IT WAS!!! She def doesn't need to do that now though!! hehehe!!

    Sophie is sophie-rophie and William seems to have loads, Will, Bill, Billy, Billy boy, Buster Billy and his main one is BILBO BAGGINS BOY!! Don't ask, my hubby just refuses to call him anything normal! Will's definately going to have an identity crisis as he grows up!!
  • Hi ladies,

    My dad used to call me squirel (not sure why, hope I don't have sticky out teeth.)

    At school they used to call me porky Pauline coz I was chubby (still am - lol).

    Now I am Paul, Paula or P.

    We call my daughter B, as she is Bethany and my son Roly, Row and Roly Poly Oly (don't know if you have seen the cartoon)he is Rowen.

    Nick names for hubby change regularly depending if he is in the good books or not!
  • LOL Emma, Nigel is the same. he has loads of names for us all. Yet he dose'nt have one of his own!!!!!
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