YAY Its snowing.
It looks like it wont settle, but its a start!!!!
I'm going to text Simone, I'm sure it will make her smile


  • Well that did'nt last long.
    Its all stopped now and did'nt settle anyway
  • we had a bit too but its started to warm up now that the sun has come out. Shame the ground was covered.
  • gutted!! we had it this morn and was sure it would settle. went to work this morning looking forward to when i came home, being able to take the girls for a walk in it, but instead the sun was shining!!
    oh well, you never know, we may still get some yet
    kas xx
  • been sunny down here all day. v.cold though xx
  • Snow?!!! Nothing but sunshine and cold here! Looks like we won't get any decent snow this side of summer now!
  • I hope we have a good summer this year, its so nice just walking out the door with the kids, no coats, raincovers etc. and spending all day at the park. bliss.
  • Oh yes, I'm desperate to wear summer dresses and flip flops! I think Sophie is too as she conned me into buying her lots of summer clothes in Matalan the other day when all we had gone in for was her tutu and wig!!
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