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Is it me????

Hi i can't work out if i am taking things to heart??
We have these friends who are going through the strangest divorce ever. Well yesterday she phoned me crying her eyes out (happens quite alot ) saying how she couldn't bare to sit down to christmas dinner with him and was going to ban him form it. I tried to calm her down and say it wasn't fair on their 4 boys to ban Daddy from christrmas as they have been used to daddy being there for dinner (and breakfast !!!!) the rest of the year. So she really laid into me she was evil she used person painful stuff . I really can't believe how she spoke to me, i text her and said she had no right to attack me and she text back she was sorry, but she keeps doing it. Last year her husband went off with some one else and she had a go at me at the school because i wouldn't phone him and tell him was wrong and tell him what to do !!! I can't bring myself to talk to her am i being to hard?
And then there is my dd2. she has this lovely little friendship with one of the girls in her class, they are 5 and in reception. Well this girls mom has now decided that my dd2 is being nasty. Last week she was telling me how she had smacked her daughter round the face, to which i just said her daughter had done the same to mine the weeks before. I did phone the school just to make sure but everthing is fine and my dd2 is still well behaved as ever!!
Then today thye girls mom pulled out a broken head band out and turned to my dd2 and said whats happend to this then? Well i don't know about your kids but my girls are always coming out with broken head bands and clips. So again i said I'm getting fed up with them coming home broken. I was shocked she spoke to my dd. I got homee and was quite angry at this so again i phoned the teacher who again said there was no problem with my dd2 and they had been playing lovely together alll day!!! So my question is am i taking everything to heart or should i be angry?????
Sorry it's long


  • Hunnie,

    All I can really say is that I have these moments where everything gets to me and I feel its me against the world lol!

    The little things wind me up especially something like girls arguing at school.....goodness my dd is always having "a fall out" with someone in her group of friends. And yes broken hairbands seems to be a common thing too lol! I always make sure I know exactly what happened if she has a falling out and it usually ends up being six of one half a dozen of the other...its a girl thing i'm afraid lol!(or so my mother tells me!!!!)

    As for your friend, I think that maybe she is going through a hard time trying to do whats right for her kids but also she feels angry that she has to accomodate a man that she is no longer getting on with especially at xmas...a special family time\?
    But also maybe on the other hand she feels the need to have a mardy at someone( you in this case) because she blames herself but feels sorry for herself at the same time?
    sorry I am crap at putting thoughts into words sometimes so not sure if this makes sense?

    Other than letting things go over your head, just brush negative comments they really mean something ? probably not!

    Again sorry if not much help but I do hope you feel a little more possitive later on xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • I feel alot better today thanks. My friend has alot of problems and i do try to be there for her she is very hard work. And as for the school thing I still don't know what to do other than to tell her to speak to the school not my 5 year old.
    I'm not very good at explaining in words either, I have just read over what i have put and it makes hardly any sense now!!
    Vicki x
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