Chantelle & riley pic

This was taken in the 1st week of jan just before she went back to my mum.

When i next see her i will get another,this time with pearly whites.


  • Hi Emma,

    It's lovely to see a photo of Chantelle and especially one with Riley. She is a real cutie, those big dark eyes, she'll use them to get what she wants!

    Can't wait to see a recent one of her.

    Zoe xx
  • aaaww, thats gorgeous, and so nice to see a pic of Chantelle, two very photogenic children. what a fab photo!!
    hope you are doing ok
    take care
    kas xx
  • He was just holding the basket incase it went of,i did have my hand round the back to.
  • I love the way he's holding the basket!! Its so obvious he loves his little cousin. V.V.Cute Emma. I think he wants a little brother/sister??? xx
  • They are very cute children,Emma.
    That really is a lovely pic.
  • That is a lovely photo!!! You must be very proud!!!
  • Awwwwwwww thats a lovely pic

    So gorgous!!!
  • Oh Emma that is such a lovely photo, what happy gorgeous kiddies!
  • Bless, v.cute.
  • That's a lovely picture of the both of them, Riley looks like he really loves his little cousin. It's very cute xx
  • Thanks girls.

    I took riley to the libary yesterday and on the way home he said ''i want a baby brother'' not prompted and no reason for saying it just came out and said it,told hubby and he almost chocked o his drink.

    I do want another but will wait till rileys a little older i think.Then theres just geting OH on
  • Emma,

    You can always plan an accident when your ready!!

    Zoe xx
  • oh bless him. Tom was the same, had to wait 6yrs for his baby brother, then 18months later he got another one!! xx
  • Oh Zoe,i would get shot if he ever thought id do such a thing,like your thinking

    I only ever wanted two,he's happy with riley but i dont want him to be on his own and seeing how he was with chantelle realy opened my eyes to just how loving he is.
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