FAO Emma( riley's mum)

Hi Emma,
Just wondering how Adi got on at the docs today?
Hope he's ok


  • Hi didnt ge the cahnce to get on last night.

    His still alive!she gave his some nose spray to help with his bolcked nose and said it should pass in a few days(hopefuly).
    We also sent of rileys sample to be checked anyway(3-10days) but his back to normal.

    Thanks for asking.

  • Thats good then.
    Glad Riley is ok now too.
    Is he allowed back to nursery?
  • Yes G.P.said it should be ok but still wanted to do sample and the nusery are fine with that,so he went back today and my kind mil has picked him up for me and doing him dinner and then i shall pick him up at 5:30.GREAT!
  • Glad he's better now Emma, bet he was so excited to get back to nursery?!
  • Hi Emma, really glad alls ok your end and that rileys better now take care xxx
  • He had missed it,and when he came home he had a card biscuit and drawing that he had made for mothers day which he had made,riley was chuffed when i said he could eat the bikki.
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