bad mummy

I agree with sarah, you had a bad day, you're not a bad mummy.
We've all been there at some stage.
Dont beat yourself up over it.
Thats the beauty of the pp cafe, you can let off steam on here.


  • We have all been there at some point and its good that you have your mum there to help.
  • oh please dont think yourself as a bad mummy. i definitely have days like that, where i look back and think that maybe i shouldnt have got so wound up over certain things, or felt like all ive done is tell niamh off.
    i try to sit and relax and have some time to myself to think about what i could plan for our next day to make it fun, and make sure we get some quality time together each day.
    please dont worry, im sure your daughter isnt thinking about it.
    take care hun
    kas xx

    ps welcome to pp, we are always here to let off steam at xx
  • If your a bad mummy then so am I! I have walked away several times. As Boo(Sorry don't remember name)said children know what buttons to press to get our attention whether it be by kicking off or playing up etc. Its all attention to them.

    Hope your feeling ok now
  • You are NOT a bad mum. If you were you wouldn't even be asking the question.
    I have had soooo many days like that and still do my kids are 9 and nearly 7. As kids get older you have days where you feel that all you do is scream an shout all day or tell them off. Sometimes you are tired and sometimes have PMT, we are all human and have off days.
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