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Pregnant to my 5th baby

Hi all, i'm a full time mummy (while my hubby works) to my 4 gorgeous children. I've just found out i'm pregnant for the 5th time & would love to chat to other mums in a similar situation ;\)


  • Hi and welcome, I am mummy to 4 lovely children, I am currently doing a course at college one day a week and a work placement another day, my older 3 are at school and my youngest goes to a nursery whilst I am at college and work.
  • hi and congrats, im clare and i have 5 boys aged 6 mnts,2,6,10 and 11 i dont seem to get time to come on here very much at the mo but im going to try harder as i miss having a noisey and seeing what every1 is up 2 so i look forward getting to no you.
    luv clare
  • hi & welcome
    Im Elaine, mummy to James 4, Isaac who is 3 today!! and Tyler 18months. I am 17+6 with baby 4 xx
  • Hi, Have posted on your other thread too!!

    I'm Anna, I have 3 children. Eldest daughter is 6, son is 4 and youngest daughter is 2. Number four due next month. Welcome to the forum!!

  • Thanks for your lovely replies.
    I have a son & 3 daughters aged 5, 4, 3 & 1 years old. I'm 4 weeks & 2 days pregnant, so pretty early on.
  • my goodness the school run must be pretty hectic at yours with them being so close in age.i thought it was crazy ay mine in the how are you feeling so far? i really miss being pg!!boo-hoo
    luv clare
  • hellloooo and welcome.

    I am babs, I have three monsters at the mo ds 8, dd1 6 and dd2 4 and I am 35+5 with no'4.

    look forward to chatting xxx
  • hi ladies ive gt 3 children aged 6 10 and 16 and 13 weeks pg with my 4th i feel just as excited as if was my 1st look 4ward 2 getting 2 no yous all xxxxxxx
  • Hi, Congratulations!!!

    I'm pregnant with number 6 but between us it's our 9th!! xxx
  • Hello and congratulations.
    I have 3 girls aged 5, 3, and 1 and am due number 4 next month.

    wonderful to have you on the forum

  • hi congratulations
    i had my 5th on christmas eve, the others are 7,6,5 and 14 months . life is hectic and i get some funny looks when i bring them all shopping but i wouldn't change it for the world.
  • Hello mummy12345
    I'm Michelle and i'm around 5 weeks pregnant with no 5! Mine are 14, 5(tomorrow), 4(in 6 weeks) and 8 months.
    come and join us on the sept 10 board there are 2 of us over there expecting no5!
  • hi! i have 4 gorgeous children. 2 girls and 2 boys aged nearly 15,11, nearly 6 and 4! my husband and i are considering getting pregnant again! its nice to see so many other mums with large families!! xx
  • Hi i'm vicki, we have 3 lovely children William 11, Rebecca 8 and Emily 5. I am 30+5 with number 4 who we have been told is a girl. I love being a mom
    x vicki x
  • Hi, I need some help, I have 4 lovely boys aged 2, 3, 5 & 7 and recently had a shock of my life, I'm pregnant with no. 5 whilst my husband is waiting a vasectomy, Im 41 and he's 48 and are already under pressure with our 4, My husband wants me to take the abortion pill he doesn't think that we will be able to cope, I have a thyroid disease so sometimes I get quite unwell also on my last baby I had a DVT and clot on my lung.

    I'm so confused as to whether we should keep it or not,  is anybody in a similiar position and can give me some advise. x

  • Hiya Hun , I'm a full time mummy and hubby works full time too , I'm also pregnant with my 5 th baby I have two boys 2 girls our boys are aged 10 & 4 and girls are 7& 2 image look forward to getting to know u xx
  • Sorry dilemamummy didn't want to read and not reply so sorry to hear of your Difficult situation image I haven't any advice to give you but I really hope what ever decision you make turns out for the best , big hugs xx
  • Hello ladies! I'm 13 weeks with no.5 and I have 3 girls and a boy that are 6, 4, 2 and 18mths. So lovely to know there are lots of other big families out there.

    Dilemamummy - sorry you are having a tough time x

    Nicola x
  • Anyone still writing on this? Pregnant with number5 image

  • Hi, i have 4 beautiful children image 1 boy aged 7 and 3 girls aged 1, 2 and 5. Me and my partner would love another baby, but not looking forward to the stares (there already bad enough) Its great knowing their are large families out there, and it's not just ours lol 


    Heather x

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