This is it...

Morning ladies! Well, I think this is it! No show or waters breaking yet but I am bleeeding and it seems pretty regular and IT HURTS!!! Hubbie, newly back from Milan (gee, thanks Arsene Wenger!) is beside himself that he made it back in time.

So, watch this space.

Fingers crossed for me!

Love and hugs, N. xxx


  • Wow, Nicolette.

    I hope all goes ok and look forward to hearing about your new arrival.

    Zoe xx
  • Nicolette,

    I see you are online, update please! How are you?
  • wow nicolette that's so exciting thanks for letting us know!!!!

    I twinged a bit with Amber but the main signs that anything was happening was the bleeding so that may be the same for you! I think they like to check bleeding out thogh so i think it's worth ringing your midwife.

    Good luck hun can't wait to hear an update, take care xxxxx
  • oh my goodness, nicolette!! thats great, but i see you are online now!! so, whats the update?
    best of luck with everything and am v pleased your hubby made it in time.

    cant wait to hear the news

    kas xx
  • Maybbe she's had to dash to the hospital leaving the computer on????!!!!!

    Ooohh how exciting!!!
  • oh, shes signed off now,ill be looking forward to checking later.

  • Good luck Nicolette, i hope you get a very nice present today xx
  • Oh how exciting. Good luck Nicolette i hope things are progressing well for you. xx
  • Nicolette we are all thinking of you. who knows you may be holding your little girl in your arms right now!!! How exciting. Thanks for coming on and telling us!!! Xxx
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