Can i have an update!!!

Ok so i have just come back from holiday and there are over 800 posts just in the lounge, so can i please have an update!

Lucy-How are you feeling are you allowed out yet!

Tasha-Im glad Ethan had a good birthday and you had a nice anniversary, how is Amber on her food!

Nicollette- Any more signs of the baby coming!

If you can all fill me in with whats going on, otherwise it will take me weeks to catch up!lol

Thanks xx


  • Hi Simone, welcome back.

    Well since you've been away, we all met up at pizza hut yesterday and all had a fab time. There was soooooo many of us with all our kids too that they had to close it to the general public. And pp paid the bill which ws really nice of them. Don't you think???????
  • Sorry could'nt resist!!!!!!!!!!
    You can tell I've not been out much cant you????
  • Lucy that would be a great day, maybe we should nag pp to let it happen.

    Simone how did you all enjoy your holiday? We have no news, Hollie is teething she has started weaning and that is about it really our end.
  • Hi Simone...what about your news?? How was the holiday? I hear that Jessica was v.good on the plane going out. Hope you had a fab time.

    Wouldn't that be great a huge meet up at Pizza Hut.

    Im not well so feeling v.sorry for myself and enjoying a feet up on the sofa whilst Terry's gone to get my prescription!!! I've got an eye infection and sore throat and cold. yuck.
  • You almost had me going then Lucy, till you said pp had paid for it!lol

    My holiday was really good, Jessica loved the beach and swimming pool. The weather was between 21 and 27 am not very tanned and could not sit in it because of Jessica!

    Nicola i hope you feel better soon xx
  • Hi Simone glad you all had a great time and looking forward to your pic's.
  • you look forward to the sun, then you have to spend all your time in the shade because of the little ones. Im so glad you had a lovely time. It went really quick!
  • lol that made me giggle Lucy - what a good idea though lol

    Glad you had a good holiday Simone - bet the break from this cold weather was lovely!!! x
  • Hiya Simmone!

    Well while you've been away things have been manic in our house! Ethan turned 3 and had a wonderful day, Amber can now walk 18 steps and is eating fantastically well including cauliflower now!!!! Think thats the shortened version but alls great here, how are you?? x x x

    Lucy, We so have to do that!!!! x x x
  • God Tasha it has been busy!

    A very belated birthday to Ethan, hope he had a fantastic day xx

    And as for Amber what a very clever girl, you must be very proud and sooo happy that she is tollerating food!
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