Only 5 weeks to go.........

till my hubs is home! I can't wait! Have been counting down the days for ages now!

lol. x


  • Wow that's great Marie!!!
    How long has he been away for? x x x
  • Since October! He cam home for leave for a week at Christmas. I have booked us tickets to see Joseph! Can't wait!
    lol. xxx
  • oh wow, you must be very excited. joseph is brilliant!! you'l love it. we didnt see teh london one, but it was a pro one at a big theatre near us. hope you have lots of fun when hes home and some good quality time together

    kas xx
  • Oh my goodness Marie no wonder you're counting down the days!!!
    Are you goingto london to see Joseph? I bet that'll be fab!!! x x x
  • Like the others have said hope you enjoy you theatre trip and gosh what a long time away,bet you cant wait.
  • Thanks girls. It's in London. We try and see a couple of shows a year. It's a good day out and some much needed us time! I'm sooooo excited!
  • We wanted to go see cats but by the time we got round to saying defo yes when adi had holiday booked it was no longer being shown,was v.upset as loads of friends had gone and said how fantastic it was.
  • Hi marie, Glad it's not long til your OH comes home! How long is he home for or is he back for good?

    You will love Joseph at London, I saw it there years ago and it was spell binding. Also took Sophie to see it in Wolverhampton last summer and she still talks about it!
  • oh wow Marie, I bet you can't wait. He will notice a difference in Jake I bet! How exciting. How long is he home for. Hopefully the weeks fly now til he's back home with you xxx
  • Thats great Marie, i bet you are so excited for him to come home, it has been a long time.

    Hope you enjoy the theatre as well, i love going up to London to see a show xx
  • Hi Marie,

    You'll have to let me know how Joseph goes - I love musicals. When we go away we're gonna try and see something on broadway just to say we have done it LOL

    How long is your hubby home? BTW don't go cheating and getting pregnant before me LOL XXX

    Good luck with the BD XX
  • Hi Sarah, Hubs on leave for 3 weeks then work for a week then 4 weeks off! He leaves for good in Oct!

    Don't worry, don't think I'll be preggers straight away, dates don't work out. xx

    The show on broadway will be fab, when is it you go? You'll have to let us know all about it!

    Whats BD? lol. xx
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