I am still alive!!!

Hi Girls

Just thought I would applogisze for my lack of posts! Its been a very busy week. Today we leave for scunthorpe ready for Bronwyn's christening tomorrow.

I will get some pics up here on Monday as I doubt I will have time on Sunday night!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!!


  • Hi Caroline,
    Have a lovely w.end and hope the christening goes well. Can't wait to see the pics. I've not been well, so catching up with all the housework today. first is a big basket of ironing thats about to topple over. Should keep me going til lunchtime. Nice eh?

    have a great time and chat next week xxx
  • Hi Caroline

    Hope you have a lovely weekend and the christening goes well.

    Look forward to seeing the pictures xx
  • Hi Caroline

    Hope the christening goes well!!!
    Have a great weekend xx
  • Caroline, i hope the christening goes brilliantly and you all have a lovely day. I can't wait to see the pics and make sure you bring some up for us to see on the 23rd!!! x x x
  • Hi Caroline,

    Hope tomorrow goes well for you and you have some fab weather!!!

    Can't wait to see the pics and here how it all goes x
  • Hi Caroline hope all goes well for you and that you all have a great day,cant wait to see the pic's.
  • i really hope tomorrow goes well for you caroline. did you find a top to go with your skirt?

    cant wait to see the piccies, look forwadr to hearing all about it.

    take care and big hugs to Bronwyn for tomorrow
    kas xx
  • Hi Caroline,
    Hope the Christening goes well and you all enjoy the day.
  • Hi Caroline, How did the Christening go?
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