Whats the weather like..........

near you!
Has any one got the bad weather that has been predicted!

Its rainy on and off here and a bit windy, but nothing as bad as they have said, Yet!


  • Morning Simone,

    Its all rainy here and very wet.

    My dogs are moaning to go out for a walk but trying to ignore them as its soooo wet LOL
  • It's pretty miserable here raining hard and quite windy. Ethans over the moon though as he's spotted the puddles and is now desperate to get his wellies on and go outside!!!

    Sarah, are you not at work today?? x x x
  • Morning girls

    Well its real bad here,im glad rileys got the afternoon off today,gail force winds and the rains been going all night an no sign of letting up.

    Karen will probably get this worse than us,my parents are by the sea but above sea level thak god as i know its been realy bad there since last night.
  • Morning girls, yes pouring down, and v.v.windy. There's been some local flooding. so not at all nice really. we got our cosy clothes on and staying in this morning I think. What are you all up to? No work today Sarah? x
  • Well the sun is coming out here, so we must have missed the bad weather!
  • I've got to go out in it at 10:30 gonig to the dentist again

    How's everyone else this morning? x x x
  • Good luck at the dentist tasha im sure you'll be fine.

    Ive gotta pop to the pharmacy at some point today to get my prescription,thankfuly its only over the road so it would take me a few mins,quite glad as it seems to be getting worse.
  • It's miserable here this morning, wet and windy.

    Hope you get on ok at the dentist Tasha!!
  • Good luck at the dentist Tasha, it will be fine xx
  • Thanks Girls, i'm sitting here getting all wound up, i need Zoe (she's a dental nurse) to come and hold my hand!!!!

    I have tomorrow to look forward to, for the 1st time i'm taking my 2 on the bus into town anout 30mins away then meeting kas and her girls for lunch!!!

    The weathers a little brighter here though!!!!
  • oooooooohhhhhhhh its all sunny here now

    Tasha - I have a lovely day off work today woohooo!!
    Goodluck at the dentist and on the bus tomorrow!!!
  • Suns out here too now Sarah! Have a lovely day off, what do you have planned?
    I bet Ethan will love going on the bus Tasha. Tate loves that. I sometimes go into the next big town on train as I can leave the pushchair up. I couldn't grapple with two kids and buggy yet though as Tate would just run off I expect!!!
  • i'm hoping Ethan will be a star, he does tend to be very good when doing something new and exciting like that!! I'm taking the stroller and i'll carry that folded and Amber onto the bus. i'm just a bit nervous about the return journey as i catch the bus from the main station and it's all underground so there will be a lot of lifts, hey ho, it will be an adventure!!!

    Does anyone know, will i have to pay for Ethan now he's 3??
  • you don't pay for under fives Tasha, then they are half fare until they are 16 I think that applies for most places. Im sure it will be ok I used to panic about these situations but mostly people have helped me when Im out and about with buggy and small kids. I expect Ethan will enjoy being a good boy and helping mummy. He can take the ticket for you or something while you sort the buggy and amber out.
  • Im sure you'll be fine,i was doing the same with riley and chan,you migh just have a v.nice person about that will offer you a hand.

    Like nicola says you dont have to pay for ethan,riley always asks for a ticket and the driver gives him a blank bit,he loves it,realy makes his day.
  • just like Tate, he loves his tickets!!
  • Hi Tasha, If I lived close enough I would come with you for support! Just hope you remebered what I said and you would have been ok.

    Well girls, it was pretty miserable here this morning, wet and windy and we had to walk Charl to nursery then come back to get Jack to school. Luckily it did stop raining but we were quite wet by then! It was sunny for a couple of hors but looking cloudy again.
  • Well its stopped raining at the mo and the sun is shinging.wont say it looks to stay as i could be wrong.Will pop out in a bit as its dry.
  • It is really windy and wet here, i keep switching the light on in the living room because it goes dark. Then 5 mins later the cloud has passed and Ian is wondering why i am sitting there with a light on.
    I took the bins out earlier with Hollie, she was still in pyjamas though, and she loved the wind hitting her face.

    Tash, enjoy tomorrow i'm sure Ethan will love riding on the bus.

  • The weathers turned realy asty again,altho no rain i popped out to get me bits,got back and it started to chuck it down and hasnt stopped.
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