Feeling Poorly

I'm off work today with a really upset tummy
John didn't have time to take Cameron to the childminders this morning so i've got him at home with me, he's being an absolute devil getting into everything. I'm worn out already and it isn't even 10am, roll on 6pm when daddy comes home.

How's everybody else today?


  • Hiya Dawn i';m soory you're feeling so rough, it's horendous having a tummy bug when you're a mum it happened to me when ethan was 2 and amber was just 7 weeks. I hope the day goes quickly for you and Camerons a good boy!

    I don't think i'll be having a good day, i'm having a tooth taken out at 11:15 i 've been fine abouti t all week but i'm getting really wound up now
    I'll be glad too when todays over.

    Take care of yourself x x x
  • Dawn - sorry your not feeling well

    Hope the bug passes quickly!! x
  • Dawn big hugs! Im not well either, so im off work today. But not a rest as Terry been at work since 6am. He's just text me to say he won't be home at 11am like he said he will be working bit longer as im not going to work now...its not like i've taken day off for no reason!!! Im sure I will be ok us mums always cope!
  • Hi Dawn hope you get over it soon,its been going round.

    As you others hope you all fell better soon,ive got a funny voice at the mo,feels like im trying to swallow a lump,it like my thyriode is playing up but just had it tested and its fine,legs are ok and Dr said if i still have this in my throat in the week to go back for more checks.
  • Oh dear Dawn, i really hope you feel better soon xx

    Also hope Nicola and Emma feel better soon too xx
  • ahh thanks. i've had cold on off for weeks as we keep passing it round. Just really sore throat and still got my eye infection.
    Tasha, hope it goes ok for you at Dentist. Just think it will soon all be over xxxx
  • hugs

    hope u feel better soon
  • Hi Dawn,

    I hope you recover quickly, it's not nice.

    Take care, Zoe xx
  • Hi Zoe, Is Jack ok this morning? did they go on their school trip??
  • Hi Nicola,

    I was a little warey about him going as if it had just been a school day I would have kept him off today, but he was crying he wanted to go on his trip and he promised me he was feeling ok. So I've let him go!

    Me and another mum waved them off, he was soooo excited shouting, " Mummy we are going now, bye see you later!!" How lovely is that?

    I did get wet this morning, you were lucky to have that call!
  • oh I know, im not going out today if this keeps up! Im so glad Jack made it i bet he is a great time. Where abouts are they going?
  • They have gone to the sea life centre in Birmingham as there topic is under the sea.

    He will be absolutely full of it when he gets home.
  • Sounds like he will have a good day.Hope his ok to.
  • Hope you are all feeling better soon.

    Tash i hope the dentist went ok and your aren't feeling too bad after having that tooth out.

    Zoe, I bet Jack will love his day out, sounds like he was really excited. I expect you cant wait til he gets home to hear all about it.

  • that will be a great day out Zoe. I bet you can't wait to pick him up from school and hear all about it. At least its inside so he won't get wet!!
  • OMG That was horrific!!!!
    Thank gods it's over but i'm feeling a bit battered and my jaw feels like it's been split in two, on the up side i'm getting a dental break for 3 months to let things heal!!
  • Sorry to hear you had a hard time at the dentist Tasha, hope it gets better soon. And enjoy your 3 months off from the dentist. I still havent registered yet with the dentist, going to have to do it soon, but your post has really put me off. I'm petrified of the dentist, especially as i cant remember the last time i went.
  • Oh Tasha, at least its over eh? Sending you a big hug. Have you got kids this afternoon, or can you have a well earned rest? x
  • Tasha,

    Send me a pm, I want to know more.

    Zoe xx
  • Oh Karen please please don't let me put you off going, think i was just in a bit of shock!! I have ended up losing a back tooth simply because i have put it off for so long and i don't want that to happen to you. Despite it being a bit rough having the tooth taken out i'm still really proud of myself for going as Nicola says, it's over now and hopefully with hte tooth gone the pain should be gone too!!!

    Again please register it really is worth going, if i can you can too x x x x

    Zoe, i'll pm you ina bit not much to say, the dentist was lovely it's simply because it was a large back tooth and i was a bit shocked at how much pulling it took to get it out!!
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