And he is really poorly with a very bad chest infection and tonsilitus which nearly put him in hospital. Poor boy its no way to spend your 4th birthday ill.
Love you lots little man happy birthday!!!!! Shame you've given it to your sister too but at least you know about sharing lol
Love mummy, daddy and kelsey. and pip the dog

Ps i cant believe that my little man is 4


  • oh bless what is your little boys name andrea? Hope he gets to celebrate properly as soon as he is better. At least he can have lots of ice-cream for his sore throat. Poor little man xxxx
  • Oh Andrea
    Im sorry to hear his so ill,but at least his sharing and thats what brothers and sisters
    Hope he gets better soon

    HAPPY 4th BIRTHDAY young man,hope you try and have a good day.

  • Aww poor little man! Its a good day to have a birthday though!!!

    Hope he's well soon

  • Happy Birthday!

    I hope you have a speedy recovery.

    Zoe xx
  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Hope you feel much better soon!
  • Happy Birthday!!

    Sorry you're feeling so poorly i hope you can have a belated celebration! x x x
  • No Deep then Andrea??

    Happy Birthday Birthday Boy!! And get well soon!!
  • Happy Birthday to you!!
    feel better soon, then you can eat lots of birthday cake

    kas xx
  • Andrea hope your son can have a happy belated birthday.
  • Happy birthday. I hope you recover soon and you can have a nice birthday treat.

  • Bless thanks ladies. Jak is lots better now unfortunatly he has passed it on to Kelsey who is now really poorly.
    Defo still going to the deep though when everyone is better.
    I dont feel to great myself so hopefully i dont come down with it aswell!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks you all for your kind words
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