So Proud!!

I had to share this with you all!

During book week last week, apparantly all the children entered a 'design a book cover' drawing competition. Sophie, being Sophie, didn't think to mention this to me at all, so imagine my suprise when she proudly came out of school clutching a large easter egg, saying that she had won first prize for best in her year!! She drew the Little Miss Twins apparantly although I can't see the picture yet as are going to be on show in the school!!!

She is still beaming about it as has never won anything before and is very proud of herself!


  • Ahhh how modest of her, it must be good to come top of her year group. The big question Emma, is will she share the egg or is it all for her??!!
  • First thing she mentioned!! its a smarties egg that has a few tubes in which she immediatly said that she would share with William, who got very excited and then she quickly and very bossily pointed out that he wasn't allowed to dare touch HER egg!!

    She's very angry with me as I have told her that she should save it til nearer easter, she feels that this is very unfair seeing as it 'wasn't even given to her FOR easter!!'
  • Well Done Sophie!!
    That is really good Emma! No wonder you are feeling proud!!!

    I am tempted to agree with her that she should eat it now!!!!
  • Thanks very much caroline!! I have just read out yyour message to Sophie, who is now running round the house chanting 'I can have it now!!' she is so desperate for it that she has now said that she will even share it with William!
  • Well done sophie!!!

    Aunty Nat Nat thinks you should definately eat it now but give a bit to Wills too!!!
    I'll send a stash for yuou both at Easter, but only if you're very very good!!! x x x
  • Make sure it's nothing I like tash, or I'll be sneaking into their sweety basket!!
  • Don't worry i've got you one too!!!
    (special offer at tescos)!!!!! x x x
  • Oh wow - weldone Sophie!!

    I can understand why your so proud Emma - you'll have to take a picture of the picture and put it on here!!! x
  • aw wow.
    well done sophie (can a have some of ya egg lol)
  • Sorry kristy, I gave in half an hour ago - it's all gone!! and yes, she did share it with Will!! i have made her save the smarties though as I thought that might be going a bit far at half seven at night!!

    dawn, not sure if and when I can see the piccie, planning to talk to the teachers tomorrow!
  • oh wow, how fab is that, she must be taking after her mummy for her artistic side!!
    well done sophie!!
    i know its gone now, but i would def have agreed and said, eat it now lol.

    well done again, you must be very proud emma!!

    kas xx
  • Well done Sophie

    I would be very proud as well xx
  • Hi Emma!
    I started reading this and though 'i hope Sophie got to have her egg' and she did, thats great!!!

    You are right to be so proud she must have done a lovely drawing. I expect you will get to see it, and she will probably get it back at the end of the year for you to cherish.

    Well done Sophie!! Not long now til Easter xxxx
  • That's so brill. Well done Sophie.
  • Well done Sophie,what a clever girl you got Emj.
  • Well done Sophie and what a good girl for sharing with your brother.
  • I am glad that I have made someone happy Emma!

    I hope Sophie enjoyed her easter egg.
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